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Terms of Service


Last Updated: Monday 13th July 2020


These Terms of Service and any terms expressly incorporated herein (Terms) apply to your access to and use of the CoinMinerz Pool and associated websites (the CoinMinerz Pool). By using CoinMinerz Pool, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions below (Services). If you do not agree with these Terms you may not use the CoinMinerz Pool and Services therein.

The CoinMinerz Mine Pool staff may modify this Agreement and any policies affecting the site at any point of time. Such modification is effective immediately upon posting to the website. Your continued use of the pools and websites following any modification to this Agreement shall be deemed an acceptance of all modifications.

Payments & Mining
We operate mining and payments using the PROP & SOLO methods. CoinMinerz Pool charges miners with a 1% fee for the PROP & SOLO service (this is deducted automatically from every block found) and is in place to help fund the running costs of the pool and occasionally large transaction costs for pay-outs. This fee and reward system may change any time but prior notice will be given before doing so. Any changes on fee will be communicated through the pools Facebook/Twitter accounts and/or CoinMinerz Pool News page. Submitting shares through your miner software/hardware to CoinMinerz Pool does not mean that they will be instantly converted to coins. CoinMinerz Pool first need to find a block to claim blocks coin rewards and will be then paying your portion based on used payment system used by the pool. The shares you have sent should be obeying the payment systems rules & conditions. Once coins have been sent from the pool, it is users responsibility to track their coins and ensure payment details are correct as your miners address for the coin your mining. Committed transactions cannot be undone by CoinMinerz Pool. Coin mining is extremely luck based. CoinMinerz Pool does not guarantee any particular return on mining time or hash power, only that any blocks found will be divided as specified under payment system above. All return rates displayed on the site are estimates based on statistical averages. Shares rejected by the CoinMinerz Pool as stale or invalid will not be paid for. Orphaned & Rejected blocks will not be paid by CoinMinerz Pool as they are basically in-correct blocks. Automatic pay-outs occur every hour for confirmed blocks for all coins at a minimum balance of 0.1 per worker id (wallet address)

Maintenance & Downtimes
The CoinMinerz Pool requires continuous maintenance and CoinMinerz Pool and its operators are not responsible for any loss caused by any reason during these periods. Although CoinMinerz Pool operators are doing their best to keep the services up, maintenance and downtime may be required at times, so that uptime of the website is not guaranteed. We have built-in failover in most cases so the site and pool should just keep running. Please note planned maintenance alerts will be given out in advance via our News page. Occasionally there may be a need for emergency maintenance in which notice cannot be given in advance this will be with regards to ensuring the uptime, security and performance of the pool for all miners. We also reserve the right to change the pools backend system or alter in a way that changes the way it displays or features it contains. We are constantly striving to find and build the best solutions for the best mining experience. In the event we move pool or change our systems we will ALWAYS move over round shares and miner addresses so nothing is lost to ensure you get paid every crypto you have provided shares for. Along with this we will always automatically (where possible) or manually send out any remaining unpaid balances over 0.001 to our miners asap. The aim will always be to ensure all miner and pool data is preserved where possible.

Feedback & Help
The best way to get in touch for support at CoinMinerz Pool is via our Discord server. It is highly recommended that you go through the provided FAQs & Getting started parts of this page before to see if your query can be addressed. Naming & shaming the CoinMinerz Pool and its pools with insufficient proofs & lack of understanding how crypto-coins works may get your topics get locked and accounts deleted. However if you are experiencing genuine difficulty with an issue with our pools we will make it our top priority to assist and resolve any issue for a happy mining experience for all miners.

Information & Materials
Neither CoinMinerz Pool nor its operators provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered on CoinMinerz Pool and its websites for any particular purpose. Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any products, services or information available through this website meet your specific requirements.

CoinMinerz Pool are not an electronic wallet or bank for your coins. CoinMinerz Pool and its operators are not responsible for any loss of coins which were stored in the pool before coins are confirmed and processed however we do regular backups to minimize this risk. Accounts which are inactive for longer than 3 months (no mining activity) may get deleted. Remaining coin balances may be considered as a pool donation. You agree to notify CoinMinerz Pool operators immediately if you discover or suspect any security vulnerability in the site. Users who exploit or attempt to exploit any security vulnerability, or suspected security vulnerability, or users who publicly reveal the personal information of any user will get their accounts deleted and potentially could pursue legally.

In rare conditions (like when a coin network dies or any problematic conditions caused by coin network itself or code but not limited to them), CoinMinerz Pool operators can stop the mining services for the coin and eventually close the site assigned to coins pool with at least 3 days of prior notice. In this case, we will try to manually transfer coins where possible unless coin network is totally dead In case of a block-chain fork (caused by too many miners hopping into same pool and eventually causing the specific pool to hold >=%51 hash rate of the network), the pool may find incorrectly marked blocks which are not accepted by the coin pool. In this rare case, CoinMinerz Pool operators will need to remove those incorrect blocks and any related transactions & credits in order to fix continued service of the pool.

Botnets & Browser based mining software where the end users are not aware or condone actions taking place are not welcome. Accounts with a large amount of miners connecting from different IPs may be suspended if their connections are suspicious or DOS is detected without prior notice. Multiple accounts controlled by one person may be considered as a botnet, however we understand that miners can use multiple IP's as well as Cloud Hashing and we take this into consideration. Each instance will be investigated case by case to ensure the rules are being followed. We want to make this a great place for mining and ensure a consistent service to all of our miners from small one man bands to large scale operations.

Privacy, Cookies & GDPR
We take your privacy very seriously so all we get in terms of information from our pool system is your mining (wallet) address and IP address your mining from in our debug logs. When contacting Mining Support we keep your emails stored on our server for historic use when troubleshooting support requests. When you visit our site we use Google Analytics to see visitor information such as country, live users and where visitors came from etc. Our site does not use cookies or read cookies stored in your browser cache. None of the information we collect is shared or sold to 3rd parties and is stored securely as well as being backed up. As we offer a no registration service we do not store names, addresses, dates of birth or any personal identifiable information. At anytime if you want to see your history or want information removed that relates to you personally we will provide/carryout upon request via our Discord server Thanks!