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Pool Statistics

Additional 1 KIIRO to be added to block reward
Over the upcoming 1000 blocks found on CoinMinerz, we are enhancing the mining experience by augmenting the block reward across pool, solo, and party mining with an extra 1 KIIRO. This means that rather than the usual 6 KIIRO, miners will now enjoy a boosted reward of 7 KIIRO per successfully mined block! Also there is an added bonus where every 50 blocks you could receive between 15 and 30 Kiiro as the reward.

Hash Rate -


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Connect with the community in the CoinMinerz discord
Have a question?

Connect with the community in the CoinMinerz discord

Total Hash Rate0 H/s
Valid Blocks0
Orphaned Blocks0
Pending Blocks0
Round Shares0
Miners / Workers0
Current Effort0
Coin:Algorithm:Mininum Payout:Next Payment:Pool Fee:Block Height:Last Block: Prior Effort:Finder Reward:Block Reward:

Pool Estimate

Solo Estimate

MinerWorker CountHash RateTimes (%)Work (%)Effort (%)Est KIIROSystemActiveParty Name
BlockFinderWorker NameFoundLocationConfirmsSystemEffortStratumBonus
BlockFinderWorker NameFoundLocationConfirmsSystemEffortStratumBonus
BlockFinderWorker NameFoundLocationConfirmsSystemEffortStratum
BlockPayment DateMinersPaid
Last 100
Last 1000
VersionCountHash RateName

Stratum Latency

Choose your mining stratum based on the lowest ping latency (the smallest value in ms)

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