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 Anonymous + SSL    Low 1% Fee 

 Confirmed Block Payments every 30 minutes

 Vardiff Stratums    Shared Block TX Fee's

 Auto Pay Confirmed Balances of 0.01+*

 No Registration    ASICBoost Enabled

 Friendly Support    Custom Payouts

  Custom Difficulty    Discord Server & Bot

 SOLO Mining    PROP Mining

 Mining/Pool API    Miner Version Stats

 Legacy/Bech32/P2SH Address Support

 Continuous Development & Improvement

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Service Status
  • All services are back online (PEER is offline whilst we work on new daemon update & we are working on adding RVL X16RT testnet pool) using completely new hardware, providers and infrastructure. Increased performance, protection and security are now in place. We hope you enjoy and look forward to coming back to your favourite place to mine! All of our systems are broken out for resiliency and uptime :) Please use the EU and US Status flags for pool status/uptime notifications. Thanks and happy mining from the CoinMinerz.com Team!

Please read carefully
  • Please ensure you read our Getting Started page and our FAQs to ensure a successful connection. If you can't find what you are looking for or even if you can please come and join us and the CoinMinerz community on our Discord Server
  • Only mine with an address that matches the coin your mining, we do not auto convert or merge mine.
  • Ensure your walletaddress.workername is following this criteria with no special characters/blank spaces/underscores or dashes otherwise it will not connect and the pool will show as dead/connection refused or unauthorised: a to Z and 0 to 9 (Multiple failed attempts will get your IP address temporarily banned so please ensure this is correct). If you get banned please correct your setttings and then either wait 30mins and try again, reboot your router or use a VPN.
  • Our payment system for each pool runs every 30 minutes and will pay miners based on the proportion of shares for blocks found whilst PROP mining or for any blocks mined in SOLO mode that have been fully confirmed by the coin network they were found on
  • We strongly recommend mining in PROP mode unless you have a lot of mining power as you will accumulate shares that will count towards the next found block as in SOLO no shares are stored you will either hit a block or you won't whilst mining

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