IPv4 / IPv6 Ban List
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    Our network infrastructure has implemented comprehensive security measures to ensure the safety and integrity of our systems and the data they hold. In order to maintain a secure environment, we have established a robust monitoring system that actively tracks and logs all network activities. This includes but is not limited to port scans, unauthorized access attempts, DDoS attacks, any form of interference, compromise, abuse, or hacking attempts.

    When any suspicious or malicious activity is detected, our security systems automatically generate detailed logs capturing relevant information about the event, such as the source IP address, timestamps, and the nature of the attack. These logs are then securely stored and made readily available for further analysis and investigation.

    We take all security incidents seriously, and as part of our commitment to maintaining a safe digital ecosystem, we collaborate closely with various stakeholders. In the event of any unauthorized or malicious activity, we promptly report the incidents to the relevant Internet Service Providers (ISPs), data centers, hosting providers, Autonomous System Number (ASN) owners, and appropriate law enforcement agencies.

    By sharing this information with the relevant entities, we contribute to the collective effort of combating cyber threats and ensuring accountability for those who engage in illicit activities. These measures not only protect our own infrastructure and data but also serve as a deterrent to potential attackers.

    Additionally, we believe in transparency and accountability. As a result, we display summarized and anonymized information about detected security incidents on this platform. This serves as a public record of the types of threats we face and emphasizes our commitment to maintaining a secure environment.

    Therefore, it is crucial to understand that any attempts to engage in unauthorized access, hacking, abuse, compromise, or interfere with our systems will be diligently logged, thoroughly investigated, and promptly reported to the appropriate authorities. Our dedication to cybersecurity and collaboration ensures that our network remains a secure space for all legitimate users.

    Please be advised that engaging in any such activities is illegal and strictly prohibited. We strongly urge all users to respect our security measures and adhere to ethical and lawful conduct when accessing our network.