Pool News & Updates
22-05-21 - Vertcoin now live

Hey Everyone, thanks for all of your patience. We are happy to announce we finally got the Verthash changes in place and now our VTC stratums in the EU and US are now online and ready to mine. Thanks!
21-05-21 - Updates

Hey Everyone, first we want to say thanks to everyone that mines with and helps support us each day we truly appreciated all you do! Okay so it has been a busy 2 weeks working on the website and infrastructure and although a lot has been done there is still more to come. To start let's go over a summary of changes that have been made recently: Our main aim has been to make our site more user friendly, informative and fast (yes yes I know we miss the crazy moving theme and the retro one as well but we have to evolve and more importantly not cause too many migraines in the process especially with the way things are at the moment lol). Changes are: Redesigned Navigation Bar for better look/feel and usability on desktop/mobile and tablets. Dark\Light theme mode (future update will include local storage to save preference used across all pages and have an alternative theme as opposed to pure inversion). Overall theme of main site changed to white, grey and black in appearance and layout changed to maximise usage of available space in the narrower viewing region. New Payments page to track all coin pool payments or sortable to desired coins. New Wallet Tracker page where you can add your mining addresses you are using to mine coins on our pool for an easy way to jump directly to your stats pages. More front-end automation and templating for quicker updates our side and lighter payloads. We have had a purge of our 4+ years� worth of pool database history to drastically improve our back and front-end performance (essential data has been left intact, some confirmed/payment tables and other minor stats will fill up as blocks and payments are made). Updated our FAQs with more questions and answers, updated existing to match our current offerings and changed to better style accordion drop downs. Terms of Service has been updated to clarify a few things and bring it up to date with our services. Our Crypto Address donation page has been updated to a better layout. The News page is now just our news feed and no other 3rd party feeds. We also got rid of our website footer to make better use of screen space. Graphs and Block Finders pages have been removed and instead incorporated into each of the pool pages. The legacy wallet address generator has been removed. We have simplified the instructions and the layout on the Getting Started page and have also just added a new Config Generator to help with setting up your ASIC's, GPU Rigs or CPU Miners. We have also updated our Mining Software section on the Getting Started page. We renamed the Advanced Homepage to Stats and reduced the amount of information as this is now more of a pool overview page, more detailed information on each pool is now on each individual pool page. We also altered our Luck Time Prediction System to be as accurate as possible with all given environmental variables. The Mining Address search tool has been moved from the navigation header to the home page. We have removed all API data keys no longer in use by us or 3rd parties and expanded on available information through new functions. Added our Discord Server list to the homepage as this is our point of communication and support for the community so please come and join us and any issues let us know we will be happy to help! We removed the Crypto Markets marquee to help stop giving people motion sickness along with our moving background in favour of an auto updateable and currency conversion dropdown market list. There is now a new Advertisements section at the bottom of the homepage, this has links to Hashing providers, server hosting companies, crypto businesses, and other interesting services by using these links you are helping support pool running costs and testing so thanks to those who do already as every bit helps! New Connected global workers section on home page updates every minute automatically along with the pool over table. The Stats page auto updates itself every minute. New pool status badges have been added to the home page pool overview statistics table to show if a pool is Online, In Maintenance, Syncing or Offline. We have added a lot more security measures to help prevent attacks/bad logins/spam data etc this is from network to stratum level so please make sure you configure your mining equipment correctly to avoid some of the temporary IP bans that are now in place. If anyone has any issues, please contact us so we can unban you and or assist in getting you up and running, we are here for you! Please ensure your wallet address used is matching the coin you are mining and your workername is only made up of a to Z and 0 to 9 with no special characters. On our pool pages we have cleaned up the overall look and all stats, tables and graphs now automatically update every minute. We have added the following additional Stats: Pool Fee, ASIC Boost support, Payment System times and auto payout amount, updated the input forms to match the new theme, added new quick links for additional sections, added new badges for pool status and if wallet is connected or not, regrouped stats into Pool Info/Pool Stats/Block Stats/Wallet Stats/Market Information/Pool Donation Address/Payment System Stats, we now have the following new accordion dropdown sections: Pool Hashrate History Graph/Pending Block History Graph/Connected Workers Table/Payments Table/Pending Blocks Table/Confirmed Blocks Table/Recent Block Finders Chart. We have also added a quick how to mine section on each coin pool page to help get you started (information can also be found on the getting started page). All stats text on each Pool Page updates automatically every minute including the graphs sections. We have recently ensured the Tables for Connected Workers/Payments/Pending and Confirmed Blocks auto update every minute. New badges have been added to discern between PROP and SOLO miners and blocks in the tables. Along with colours for confirmation type. The miner/wallet address stats page for your mining activity has had a big overhaul now including a new faster worker performance chart (will work to make this auto update like the old one every minute in a future update), new PROP Mining Gauge Statistics for PROP Round Shares/Invalid Prop Shares/Worker Dominance and Hashrate Dominance, the coin Logo now appears next to the address being viewed and also the coin symbol next to any balances, new estimated round reward sections have been added to wallet address and worker areas, last share time has been added to each worker area along with any old stats that were in the Connected Workers table previously. There are plenty of other minor tweaks and a lot more backend and security stuff but we have already bored you to death already haha. Again, thanks for sticking with us and more developments are already underway and will be released once tested and ready to roll out. We are here for you so keep us posted on your thoughts or any issues so we can improve our services and help you where you need it! Cheers everyone!!! :)
14-05-21 - Important - Mining Username

Hey Everyone, this is really important - Please can you make sure you mine with an address that matches the coin you want to mine, we do not offer auto conversion or payout in different coins. Incorrect addresses that have had payments sent cannot be reversed. Also we have had some miners connecting with no address at all using 0. Only valid addresses with a valid worker name (if used) will gather shares and give payouts. If you want to mine to donate please use our pool donation address that is on each pool page. Please ensure that you use this format as your username: YourWalletReceivingAddressForCoinYouWantToMine.Worker1x1 Please do not put any special characters/spaces in your worker name otherwise it will not authenticate and will not mine and therefore will not payout. We payout to the address used in the username field before the workername so please ensure both are correct and valid. Multiple incorrect attempts to connect to our stratums with invalid walletaddress.workername combinations will get your IP the miner in question is connecting from banned temporarily (this could also ban your genuine miners using the same connecting address so please be careful). Please ensure your miners are configured correctly using the information and guidance provided throughout our website to ensure a smooth and happy mining experience. We post important updates to our news page, regularly in our Discord and on the front page of our pool site. If you need support we have your back and are on hand to help wherever we can. Thanks!
08-05-21 - A new look (Phase 3) Now Live

Hey all the 3rd phase of our new website roll out has been made live, we hope you enjoy the new changes. More to follow, Thanks!
07-05-21 - Username Validation

Everyone please be aware as part of the update we have implemented worker formatting to stop bad miners or incorrectly configured miners from connecting. The username for your miner or mining software has to be in this format: YourWalletReceivingAddress.YourWorkerName1 The following types are unacceptable and won't get authorised: YourWalletReceivingAddress.YourWorkerName1.1 or YourWalletReceivingAddress.YourWorkerName_1 so basically only 1x "." should be a separator between your wallet address and workername and no where else and no special characters just lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers are allowed with no other forms of dividers. Please update your username/mining address format as this will stop any miners not using this from connecting. Thanks!
06-05-21 - A new look (Phase 2) Now Live

Hey all the 2nd phase of our new website roll out has been made live, we hope you enjoy the new changes. More to follow, Thanks!
03-05-21 - A new look (Phase 2)

2nd Phase overhaul of website is almost complete will be pushing it all out live in the next 1-2 days or sooner if I can get the last critters outta my code lol It will give us more stats in places, less in others, graphing on miner stats pages as well as pool pages, a cookie based wallet address tracker (local to your machine) and some other smaller front end tweaks and some more backend as well to support api and front end. Thanks!
03-05-21 - A new look (Phase 2)

2nd Phase overhaul of website is almost complete will be pushing it all out live in the next 1-2 days or sooner if I can get the last critters outta my code lol It will give us more stats in places, less in others, graphing on miner stats pages as well as pool pages, a cookie based wallet address tracker (local to your machine) and some other smaller front end tweaks and some more backend as well to support api and front end. Thanks!
01-05-21 - A new look (Phase 1)

Hey all, we decided to spruce up the site a little. Hope you like the new look and layout :) Thanks!
21-04-21 - We now Flash

Hey all, we have added flashes to any elements that update, so when an area on a page that contains statistics updates you will see it flash green momentarily. Auto updates are usually pushed out every 1-2 minutes after the page loads. Thanks!
21-04-21 - Cannabiscoin Updated

We have just updated the Cannabiscoin Core Daemon to version v0.13.2 Thanks!
20-04-21 - More Updates

Hey all, okay so we have been thoroughly updating our backend removing lots of hard/static code and changing to dynamic varibles for easier maintenance and quicker updates. We've moved a lot of client rendered equations to our stats backend and presented over our API to reduce load on on web servers. We have added a new Payments page so you can look up the last X payments for each coin pool. Each coin pool page now has new Current Block Effort stats and we have set this, Block Reward and PROP/SOLO percentages of the pool to update every minute in line with our other stats. We have removed the moving background and the coin ticker to increase page loading times and increase performance. We updated BitcoinCashNode to the latest release 23.0.0. We have also removed the following coins: Myriad, Viacoin, Veles, Quebecoin, GCNCoin, iBitHub and Monacoin. New coin additions are currently on hold whilst we further improve our systems (please keep coin submissions coming for review though!) Further security is being worked on to help improve our service overall. We have also been working on our Front End & API systems to improve data. Lots of linking between our different back end setup for efficiency and less code changes/work. We have limited the amount of max outbound connections from our coin daemons to reduce network overhead helping overall system performance. Minerstat have removed Auroracoin API stats again, if anyone know's where we can get AUR Groestl/Qubit/Skein stats or wants to recode the latest Auroracoin wallet for the networkhashps for each algo get in touch :) More to come. Thanks everyone!
15-04-21 - Updates

Hey everyone, okay so a lot has been going on the past 2 weeks. To keep your finger on the pulse please join our Discord for regular updates. So we have beefed up our defences in many way's to help prevent attacks whilst allowing miners through the door :) Website design is now easier on the eyes. We have created 2x home pages (basic and advanced). We have added css code to remove some table displays to make it friendly for mobile/tablet devices with a smaller screen size. We have added block rewards to each coin pool page. We have added estimated PROP rewards and PROP round share percentages to each coin pool page. Job work rebroadcasts set to 55 seconds when no new blocks have been discovered (help's keep some miners connected). Stratum difficulties have been updated to match Nicehash and network variance across all pools. We removed CryptoCoinTalk links as they seem to have disappeared. We have reworked our CSS on coin pool pages for faster load times. Terms and FAQ pages have been updated to reflect current service offerings and questions. We finally fixed the damn market ticker woohoo! Block times have been updated for all coins to help with better luck estimation statistics. We added Hashes stats support pool and stats wide for lower end CPU coins. We created a US stratum for our cousins in the USA, this has greatly reduced latency and provided a failover stratum if the EU has any issues. We have updated all of our mining software links and downloads on the Getting Started page. We have carried out lots of backend improvements to our web page setup so things should load quicker for everyone. All pages are cached for 1 minute and then all updates come straight from our API for the majority of site stats. We have setup new logs so we can let you know if we see any issues with miners having trouble connecting (we will post daily miners with incorrect usernames trying to connect but failing in the coin pool pages). We have also added a lot more backend notifications for our Pool Op's so troubleshooting and problems are more visible, and the right people are notified asap (luckily this rarely happens!). We have a 15-block check rule for any failed blocks to make sure they are definitely invalid/orphaned before we kick them (you will occasionally see these as PENDING in the PENDING blocks section amongst the ones that are confirmed) this runs over 15 payment system run's to make sure. Our coin block confirmations are updated every 30mins. We had a server outage the other day due to attacks which have since been resolved (to confirm no one has ever got in, just swamping us with traffic). We added Roger the Raven to our Ravencoin page. Custom miner commands for the password field are now clearer on our Getting Started page. Fixed our AUR network hash stats. Updated all coin daemons to the latest versions. The Donations page has also been updated with latest addresses and better layout. Ongoing work is performance and security related. Really happy that we are growing in numbers and have so many great people/miners joining and contributing to our community! Keep the feedback whether negative or positive coming as we listen to everything and are keen to add new features requested. We are a community pool based around our miners and helping spread knowledge. Thanks as always everyone we would be nothing without you all!
01-04-21 - Verge

We have just updated the Verge core daemon to the latest release v7.0.0 Thanks!
01-04-21 - Einsteinium

Happy Belated Birthday Mr Einstein! We have just updated the Einsteinium core daemon to the latest release v0.13.7.1 Thanks!
01-04-21 - Dogecoin

We have just updated Dogecoin coin daemon to the latest release v1.14.3 Thanks!
01-04-21 - Bitcoin

We have just updated Bitcoin coin daemon to the latest release v0.22.0 Thanks!
01-04-21 - Auroracoin

We have just updated Auroracoin coin Daemon's to the latest release v.2021.01.2.0 There were substanial differences between the old and new version, so we had to quickly rewrite some of our stratum code to cater. It took 12mins all in all to get the pool's back up and running on EU and US stratums. Sorry for the delay during the upgrade. Thanks!
31-03-21 - New Stats

We have added Estimated PROP Reward & Current Round Share Percentage to each Connected Workers section on each Coin Pool Page
15-03-21 - CVC, ZEN AND ZEC

Cubic (CVC), Horizen (ZEN), and ZCash (ZEC) have been removed from the pool at this time. If you have/had miners on one of these pools, please redirect them. Do not worry about the shares you've submitted, those will be saved and transferred onto the new GPU server. Thank you for your understanding!
15-03-21 - American Stratum

Hey all of our American based miners, we have just released a new stratum for you to use: us-stratum.coinminerz.com any issues pelase let us know. This should help improve mining performance, reduce latency and other benefits. Thanks!
06-03-21 - Beware of scammers and people pretending to be us!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: People online are impersonating our pool asking people to handover their crypto coins to mine with us. This is not us and we will never ask for any crypto or payments to mine with us, we are an open community pool. The only fee you pay with us is when a block is found we get 1% of the block reward and 99% goes to PROP miners unless your solo mining then it's 99% to solo miner 1% to us. Again please let us know about any scammers pretending to be us and don't hand over any of your crypto. We are here for you! Thanks!
06-03-21 - Note Blockchain & Viacoin

We have just added Note Blockchain & Viacoin, both are online and ready to mine. Any issues please let us know. Thanks!
21-02-21 - Verge & LitecoinCash Payments

Payments stalled for both Verge and LitecoinCash at seperate times but for the same reason, a miner that was on both pools entered an incorrect address and this paused payments during validation to ensure that funds don't go out to the wrong addresses as a safety precaution. The addresses were corrected and payments were released as it was a weekend we didn't immediately notice so appreciated those who got on touch to chase this. Thanks and sorry for the delay, best to be safe than sorry!
03-02-21 - CubicVerseCoin

Payments have now been released. Thanks
03-02-21 - CubicVerseCoin

We are currently trying to see what the state of CubicVerseCoin is and looking to get all payments out asap. Network has slowed down and not many nodes. Thanks
03-02-21 - Dogecoin

Stalled Dogecoin payments have been released and minimum auto payout balance has been increased to 1+ DOGE to prevent stalled payouts.
03-02-21 - Vertcoin

Vertcoin has been updated to the latest version, the pool is currently offline whislt we implement verthash algorithm.
12-12-20 - BitcoinCash

BitcoinCashNode has been updated to 22.2.0
12-12-20 - Horizen

Horizen has been updated to version 2.0.22
12-12-20 - Pyrk

Pyrk has been updated to version
12-12-20 - Zcash

Zcash has been updated to version 4.1.1
12-12-20 - Vertcoin

Vertcoin has been updated to version 0.16.0
12-12-20 - Deutsche eMark

Finally live mining blocks and paying out, thanks to all of our dedicated miners for returning to us!!
11-12-20 - Deutsche eMark

Currently at 98.40% complete Thanks!
11-12-20 - Ravencoin

We have just updated Ravencoin to version which is the latest release. Thanks!
10-12-20 - Deutsche eMark

We know we know, it's your favourite pool and ours as well and it's also one of the slowest wallet's to sync but we still love you eMark! We are currently at 96.04% sync completion, the second it is ready mining will auto commence and any previously mined blocks will be paid out along with any new ones found. Thanks for your patience!
10-12-20 - AXE Update

Our AxeCore Daemon has just been updated to the latest release: Blocks are being found and thanks to the miner with all the hash giving us a test run we appreciate it! Cheers!
10-12-20 - Update

Hey Everyone, thanks for coming back and also for your patience whilst we get the remainder of our pools online. We have completely rebuilt the wallet servers backends. If anyone notices anything not working or any issues big or small please let us know so we can resolve. Thanks! Thanks!
24-10-20 - Erex

It looks like Erexcoin was attacked and is now stuck at high difficulty, once new blocks start getting found again our payments will slowly start to be released once confirmed by the network. Thanks!
24-10-20 - Dogecoin

We found our first 3 Dogecoin blocks. Woop woop! Thanks!
24-10-20 - BitGem

We have temporarily removed BitGem from our front end due to issues with block submission/generation. All shares are safe and once we have it finding blocks we will make it live again. Thanks!
24-10-20 - Einsteinium

It looks like there has either been an attack or fork on the Einsteinium network from checking mining pool stats. We are currently resyncing as we found orphaned blocks which stalled payments. Thanks!
24-10-20 - LitecoinPlus Payments

The payment processor stalled for LCP last night, we have fired it back up and overdue payments have now gone out. Thanks!
15-10-20 - Monacoin

Monacoin has just been added to our pool. Mining will auto commence once the coin daemon is fully synced. Thanks!
15-10-20 - Bitgem

BitGem a scrypt based coin has just been added to our pool. Mining will auto commence once the coin daemon is fully synced. Thanks!
15-10-20 - Defiant

We have just added Defiant to our pool. Happy mining! :)
15-10-20 - Quebecoin

We have just added Quebecoin and the pools are ready to mine. Thanks
14-10-20 - Erexcoin / Myriadcoin / Pyrk

We have added Erexcoin, Myriadcoin and Pyrk coin pools and they are ready to mine. Enjoy! More pools are no their way! Thanks
12-10-20 - Payment System Updates

We have recently rolled out a new Payment System update that re-checks all blocks that are thought to be orphans/invalid due to low or no confirmations this means blocks are now rechecked in up to 15x payment windows to ensure they are valid/invalid/oprhans. Just a bit of extra protection to make sure any valid blocks found are always paid out. Thanks!
08-10-20 - Bitcoin update

We have just updated our Bitcoin core daemon to version 0.20.1 Thanks!
08-10-20 - BitcoinCash update

We have just updated our BitcoinCashABC core daemon to version 0.22.3 Thanks!
08-10-20 - Dash update

We have just updated our Dash core daemon to version Thanks!
08-10-20 - More History

Now our servers are performing way better we have given more history for Payments and Block's Found on each coin pool page. Thanks!
08-10-20 - Lynx Removed

Unfortunately we have had to remove Lynx due to a buggy wallet/coin daemon that doesn't perform very well at all and keeps crashing regardless, if their dev's sort it out we will happily re-add. Thanks!
07-10-20 - CubicverseCoin Added

We have just added CubicverseCoin to our pool and is now ready to mine. Thanks!
07-10-20 - Altex/Lynx

We have removed Altex as seemed to be going nowhere and have re-added Lynx
17-09-20 - Veles (X11) Added

Hi Everyone, we have just added Veles to the pool and it is ready to mine. Thanks!
16-09-20 - Coinbase/TX Messages

All of our stratums will now mark all blocks found as "coinminerz" so you may see us start to appear in block explorers, if you host an explorer please add our tag to your database. Thanks!
16-09-20 - Wallet's updated

We have updated the following coin daemon's to the latest versions: Axe, Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Flo & Litecoin. Thanks!
14-09-20 - Discord Pool Bot

Just to let you know we now have a Pool Discord Bot, it's the one that send block and payment information and now it has been upgraded to get you overall pool stats with "!showstats", specific coin stats "!showstats COINNAME", your general wallet address used for mining stats "!worker YOURRECEIVINGADDRESS" and finally a ping using "!ping". Thanks!
14-09-20 - Altex (X11) Added

Hi Everyone, we have just added Altex to the pool and it is ready to mine. Thanks!
12-09-20 - BitcoinV Added

Hi Everyone, we have just added BitcoinV to the pool and it is ready to mine. Thanks!
08-09-20 - Payment System Improvements

As part of our continual improvement of the pool we have listened to feedback regarding time it takes to get block update confirmations, payout times and amounts. So today we are happy to announce that we have just lowered the auto payout threshold to 0.01 from 0.1 and also reduced the payout window from 1 hour to 30mins. These changes are about to kick in shortly. Thanks and hope you enjoy, remember you can alter your auto payout threshold for any coin using the custom payout command (Check the Getting Started page). Thanks as always!
08-09-20 - Pool Migration Update

Hi Everybody, okay so from a check this morning the only 2x issues I could see with everything after moving over were: X0Z (Zedcoin) - Payments system didn't start with the other systems due to minor config error (so got this started, block confirms and payouts will resume shortly). Really hope this get's us passed the previous outages and slow downs as we have spent so much time developing we truely believe it was the underlying infrastructure. So far performance seems 100% better! :) Thanks!
08-09-20 - Pool Migration & Backup Stratum's

Hey everyone, just to let you know we sucessfully moved over to our new server cluster. Downtime was less than 1-2 mins. You should have better front end and stratum performance. We have also just launched our backup stratum service which covers all coin pools and we highly recommend that you set the backup stratum address (Stratum+tcp://backup.coinminerz.com:XXXX) as your secondary connection if applicable in your mining software or hardware (Replace XXXX's with your coin pool port either 33XX or 35XX, replace XX's with unique stratum port for coin you wish to mine). Thanks and hope this benefits everyone :)
04-09-20 - Pool Donations

As you can imagine it costs us money to host all of our systems to be able to bring our pool service to you and whilst we do make a 1% block reward it barely cut's the costs we have to pay each month. We are hoping as mining increases we will start to have enough money to pay for all outgoings from the 1% reward but for the meantime it all comes out of our own pockets. If you would like to help contribute towards the running costs of our pool please feel free to use the Donate discord bot or use the link via our Tools dropdown menu to donate via Paypal however DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO DO SO! You can also donate to our Crypto addresses and if you can't see the coin address listed please ask and we will send. Any donations go towards keeping this pool running and future development. Thanks!
04-09-20 - Custom Payouts Live

Custom payouts have now been applied to every coin pool payment system and are now live. If you have this configured expect to see changes during the next payment run. As part of this roll out there might be a 1 hour delay for one of the payment runs whilst we ensure all is working well. Thanks!
02-09-20 - Zcash Re-added

Zcash has been re-added to the pool, it is currently syncing and once complete will be ready to mine. All previous round shares from mining have been restored as promised. Thanks!
30-08-20 - Coin Pool Status Update

We have just added a status column to the dashboard. This will let you know if a pool is Online, Offline, Resyncing or Under Maintenance. As always check the status section on our homepage / the Pool News & Updates page and on our Discord News-and-Updates section. We will be rolling out the same status to each coin pool page. Thanks!
29-08-20 - Cannabiscoin Fork

Hi Cannabiscoin miners, it looks like we had a fork with loads of invalid blocks and payments, we have gone back to our 2018 blockchain snapshot and are currently resyncing. Mining will auto commence once the chain is back in sync and any invalid blocks removed during this process. Thanks
29-08-20 - BitcoinSV Removed

We have removed BitcoinSV after numerous issues and problems without ever getting the chain in sync to 100% no shares have been lost as we never got any submitted without the stratum starting once. Thanks
25-08-20 - EmeraldCrypto Added

We have almost finished implementing EmeraldCrypto (SCRYPT) once the coin daemon has fully synced with the network mining with automatically commence. Thanks
25-08-20 - Zerozed Added

We have just finished adding Zerozed to our pool. It uses the Scrypt algorithm and is ready to mine. Last update was authored by Peter Bushnel the founder of Feathercoin. Thanks
24-08-20 - Were back!

Hi everyone, hope your all doing great! Just wanted to let you know we are back for support from today onwards. Thanks to all those that kept on mining with us and those that have recently joined forces to find blocks together, plus all those taking a chance with solo mining it looks like it has been paying off for a few of you! :)! Expect development and further updates to continue now were back. Cheers!
14-08-20 - Support Team Holiday

Just to make you all aware our support team will be away on holiday from 16th - 23rd August. We will respond to all requests on our return. We will be remotely monitoring our systems and will be making sure everything is running smoothly. Any emergencies will be taken care of should they arise to maintain operation of all pool services. Thanks!
11-08-20 - BitcoinSV

We have just added BitcoinSV to our pool, once it has finished syncing the stratums will auto start and it will be ready to mine. Thanks!
11-08-20 - Auroracoin SHA256

We have just added a new Auroracoin SHA256 pool to give miners another option. It is now ready to mine. Thanks!
11-08-20 - Updates

Hey all, hope everyone's well! So here's where we are at: Redesigned parts of the home page, made some front end fixes, going to start using Service Status section in for important pool updates so people don't have to go into News to see anything of note, tidied up some icons, improved caching, fixed some worker version bugs, released the new CoinMinerz Windows CPU miner pack on the Getting Started page and Tools dropdown menu, ran MRR testing against X11 and Scrypt pools and all passed well, updated the Getting Started page so it's easier to read/view, reordered Coin Pools drop down menu and sorted based on Algorithm and then Coin Name, correct some stratum port details on coin pages and Getting Started page and as always continual improvement and looking at new code and ideas. Thanks!
11-08-20 - CoinMinerz Windows CPU Mining Pack

We have just released our CoinMinerz Windows CPU Mining Pack which you can find on our Getting Started page or via the drop down Tools menu. This contains scripts and mining tools ready to get you CPU mining no the majority of our coin pools. All you need to do is edit/change the worker address/extension and customize the password field in the script for the coin you want to mine if necessary and then run. Please note like with most mining software it will likely get picked up by your Antivirus so keep that in mind. Best coin to mine CPU is Ringcoin (RNG) using Minotaur. CPU mining isn't the best of most ideal way to mine these days due to advances in technology, difficulty and overall network hashrate. However it will get you started and you can participate in mining without investing in ASIC equipment or cloud hashing. Thanks!
06-08-20 - Horizen hashing fix

We had an issue with our Horizen hashing element the past couple of days, we have resolved and tested and the Horizen pool is now back up and running. Thanks!
06-08-20 - Custom Payouts info

We have added a section to your wallet/account page that will show your custom payout value (if it has been set) if nothing is set it will display ... As mentioned yesterday it is only live on Ringcoin at the moment for full use. However if you want to you can set your custom payout's ready for when we incorporate into the remainder of our payment systems and you should be able to see the value you have set in your workers password field. Thanks!
05-08-20 - Custom Payouts roll out

Hi Everyone, we have just finished rolling out Custom Payouts to Ringcoin. At present this is the only coin pool with it enabled whilst we do some live testing. Once everything is shown to be working well we can roll out without disruption to the other payment systems for each coin. Just remember to put mp=YOURMINIMUMPAYMENT for example mp=0.3 if you only want to be paid once your confirmed balance reaches 0.3 Thanks!
05-08-20 - Custom payouts

Hey all, we are currently working on adding custom payouts to each pool. This will mean you can set your own payout threshold if you want something higher than 0.1 As always we are not a bank but if it helps we should have it implemented soon. Half of this has already been put into the stratum side so it's just adding to the payment systems for each coin. It will mean being able to add mp=0.2 to your password field for example to set minimum payout to 0.2 Once it is ready we will let you know. Thanks!
04-08-20 - Adjustable Difficulty Live

Hi Everyone, adjustable difficulty is now live on all of our stratums. To use simply add the following in your password field when connecting: d=REPALCEWITHYOURINITIALDIFFICULTYDESIRED,md=REPLACEIWTHYOURMINIMUMDIFFICULTYDESIRED you can use this along with the m=solo as well if you want to use these settings with solo mining, if you want to pool/prop mine just use this as your password field: x d=REPALCEWITHYOURINITIALDIFFICULTYDESIRED,md=REPLACEIWTHYOURMINIMUMDIFFICULTYDESIRED Hope this helps everyone out. Remember our 33XX ports will work fine in most situations, you only need to use the 35XX ports if your using Nicehash or Mining Rig Rentals or have a large/massive proxied mining farm. Again as a word of caution only use this new feature if you understand how it works to avoid an inconsitent mining experience by setting the difficulty too high or low etc. Thanks!
03-08-20 - Solo mining fixes

Hi Everyone, solo mining is now working on Auroracoin, Deutsche eMark and Litecoin Plus. Due to some issues with old RPC calls and our new backend but now working. Thanks!
03-08-20 - Adjustable Difficulty

Hi Everyone, we are getting close to rolling out Adjustable Difficulty to all of our stratums. What this means is you can set the difficulties you want to mine at should you want or need to. This will come in handy for someone that might want to cpu/gpu mine at a set difficulty or perhaps if we have been a bit slow adjusting the high end 35XX port difficulties for NiceHash and Mining Rig Rentals so you are able to get mining how you want and when you want. Of course if our difficulties are too low or high on the 35XX ports let us know. Also if anyone spots any block explorers that are outdated or something isn't working right in the stats, front end or anywhere let us know, happy for any feedback or feature requests. Cheers!
03-08-20 - Miner/Software Version Stats

Hey all, we are currently rolling out Miner Version stats to the connected workers section of each coin pool page. This has been sucessfully implemented on your worker/address stats pages as well. So now you will be able to see your hardware/software miner versions in the stats. These are also available (as are all of our other stats) via our API system. We have also brought the Deutsche eMark stratum up to date to take advantage of all the latest features, this leaves Auroracoin and LitecoinPlus remaining. We are also working on implementing KAWPOW for Ravencoin and Horizen is live as of yesterday. Thanks!
31-07-20 - Ravencoin

Hi Everyone, we have just added Ravencoin back and have restored all old round shares. The wallet has finished syncing but we just realised they have now switched to KAWPOW so we are just implementing this on the Ravencoin pool. Once we have it up and running we will let you know. Thanks!
31-07-20 - Vertcoin

Hi Everyone, we have just added Vertcoin back and restored all old round shares. Once it has finished syncing it will be ready to mine. Thanks!
30-07-20 - What's next?

So we've had loads of changes recently across the pool's front and back end systems and we just wanted to give you an update on where we are at now. The next part of our plan is to start rolling out more algorithm support to welcome GPU, CPU and other kinds of ASIC miners to our pool so this in turn means adding more coins. If anyone has any suggestions on any good coins to mine please send them to us for review, at the end of the day this pool is for miners so if you want to mine something and you can't see it were not doing our job well enough! :) We have more ideas for features and further improvements of our own and some tailored around the great feedback we've received since we started our multi crypto currency mining pool.
30-07-20 - Horizen

Hey all, we have readded Horizen back and have restored all old round shares etc. Once it has finished syncing it will be ready to mine. Thanks!
30-07-20 - Updates

Hey everyone, so we have made our coin page updates and done some backend work to improve performance and reduce any minor issues we could see. Please keep us posted of any bugs or issues you may encounter so we can resolve asap. Many thanks!
29-07-20 - Front end changes

We are slowly rolling out changes across all of the coin pool pages, these will be to remove progress bars and old update script, introduce new slimline update script for coin information at the top of each page. Payment and Confirmed blocks now limited to 10 results to help API by reducing data load and page load times. This will also help with the display of coin pool pages on mobile and tablet devices. So all coin info will auto update but things like Connected Workers/Payments/Pending & Confirmed Blocks will need a page refresh. However we have left the Workers/Miner stats pages as they are to allow a live view for mining hashrates and balance information so this will continue to be live updated every minute. Also this doesn't and won't affect the homepage/dashboard stats, they will continue to update automatically as they do at present from a live stream every minute. Hoping these changes again bring better performance and less screen bloat. If anyone want's to know how to get more payment or found block information this can be done via the corresponding block explorer for the coin your interested in and using our payment address you can see in any block history available from found/pending blocks or payment links. Remember you can also use our Discord areas: "Blocks-Found" and "Payments-Made" to see a history since we implemented the past week or so. As always any feedback or requests let us know. Thanks!
29-07-20 - DASH

DASH has been readded and all round shares and details restored.
27-07-20 - Further update 2

Okay so all Verge stats across all algo's are now working well. We still have to move over the old processed payments and payouts from what was "Verge" to "Verge Scrypt". Once this is complete we will let you know. Just a lot of copying, pasting and verifying and then adding to new from old. Lesson for future always get names right from the get go and think ahead!
27-07-20 - Further update

We have added the additional Verge algorithm pools. Just working on fixing the stats for the block height and difficulty for Groestl and X17 XVG pools. Mining is safe to commence, any issues or questions please get in touch. We are here to serve the Crypto Community
27-07-20 - Verge Changes

Hi Everyone, you may have noticed but we are in the process of expanding our Verge algo's. This has meant renaming Verge to Verge-Scrypt, you can continue to mine and find blocks and receive payouts and all shares have been sucessfully moved over. Items remaining to move over are pending balances, confirmed blocks, payments and payout stats. They are all safe and will be populated shortly so no fear of missing out on anything we got your back! :) Okay so that being said we will be adding Blake, Groestl, Lyra2re2 & X17 Verge pools shortly Thanks!
26-07-20 - Digibyte Additional Algos's

We have recently added Odocrypt, Skein and Qubit algo pools for Digibyte. Thanks!
23-07-20 - Gamecredits

It has come to our attention that Game Credits is no longer mineable and they have moved over to the Ethereum system. We will be removing the pool shortly, please don't mine anything. As far as we can see anything mined as been paid out. Anything mined from now onwards won't be transferrable to Ethereum only those blocks found before June 10th. For more information go to Game Credits website. Thanks!
22-07-20 - Payments Made Discord Section

All of our payment systems have now been updated to send out webhook notifications to our payments-made discord section. This will detail: The blocks in the payment, TX hash ID, miner total being paid, Total Shares, Total Payment Sent and a Block explorer link. Again this won't replace the current system we have on our pool it's just an added extra. Thanks!
21-07-20 - Blocks Found Discord Section

Happy to announce that all stratums have been updated to send notifications to our Blocks-Found Discord section. This will detail which Stratum has found the block along with: Block Height, Block Hash, TX Hash, Block Finder, System used to find SOLO or PROP and a Block explorer link. This won't replace the current system we have on our pool it's just more of something else and it also will keep a history you can reference if you cannot see on our front end. Thanks!
21-07-20 - Further updates

We are currently working on a method to post block notifications via webhook to our blocks-found Discord section for RNG, once this is working we will push out to all other Stratums. This will give all the needed block info. Auto page updates on pages without blue progress bars now update more frequently. Our backend systems underlying interpreters have been updated to latest stable builds and each cluster has been updated, this should bring some performance and bug fixes. The new coin pool pages have now been rolled out and these too will slowly be turned into auto updated pages via our API, these new pages really make a massive difference with mobile and tablet viewing. We have added a Ping/Pong counter on our dashboard. This shows you a rough estimate of ping from your location where you view our site to our pools front end system (this is via cloudflare so you can get spikes, but more for fun than anything). If you want to know your true ping to our pool please ping stratum.coinminerz.com from your terminal, command prompt or ping tool of your choosing. We noticed from our logs that some people are still viewing the old site that won't load properly, please fully clear your browser cache and reload to get our site working in your browser. We have also shortened our graph history as it was becoming unstable loading 12 hours of data for everything every 60 seconds :) Still more updates and improvements being worked on so watch this space. Thanks!
16-07-20 - More updates

Okay so a lot has been going on and there have been some front end stats and page drop out but mining has been unaffected, this has been caused by us rolling new features out and squashing some unexpected bugs at the same time. Good news is stats and front end bugs that were having issues are now working again. We have also been officially listed with NiceHash and Mining Rig Rentals anyone needing assistance mining with either or another provider please let us know. Today we had our first solo mined Ringcoin block found and paid out so the new Solo mining system is now working from start to finish for all coins and is ready for anyone to use. You may have also noticed the stats update bars have been removed from the homepage and miners address/stats pages, this is due to us changing the way you get your stats updates. The old way involved refreshing html which caused a heavier load on the server whereas now stats on the homepage and miner/stats address pages now pull directly from our API's live stream which is more efficient. This means you don't have to refresh your page as stats will update themselves automatically and roughly every 60 seconds. This isn't from page load but from when the server dishes them out. As mentioned we will also be rolling out the new coin pools pages soon and when we do this we will employ the same method to refresh stats on each page which will increase overall site performance as well. We have also been breaking out our backend stats/api systems for better performance. There are still many more items on our to do list that we are actively working on and the rest to be worked on the second we finish what were currently on. Sorry for the disruption and Thanks!
13-07-20 - Pool Updates

As you may have noticed we have still been updating the site and adding new things and more still to come that we are just tidying up before making them live. We have added a Graphs page under the tools menu, re-added Verge coin running in Scrypt mode (all previous round shares have been restored as promised), workers address page has been fixed and is now displaying graphs and stats correctly, again Solo mining is now live, if you are having issues seeing our site since the recent changes this past week please clear your web browsers cache to load the new version, Terms & FAQ's have been updated for Solo mining. Next big change to come will be the coin pool pages display. Thanks!
11-07-20 - Solo Mining and Interface Updates

Hi Everyone, okay want to officially announce that Solo mining is now live. To solo mine simply set your workers password to m=solo if you want to PROP mine as per usual just have x or anything you like as the password. We have also put into place some updated interfaces, if you are experiencing any issues at all it is highly recommended you completely purge your browser cache to remove any old stored files. Once your cache has been cleared the site will display properly across all pages. Any issues at all please let us know and thanks for your patience rolling these updates out over the past 3-4 days!! Thanks!
10-07-20 - Pool update 2

We have just completed doing the backend work that rebooted the stratums momentarily, all stratums should now be back up on the new version and running stable. Any issues at all please let us know. Still more non service disrupting work to complete. Will keep you all posted. Thanks!
10-07-20 - Pool update

Okay so more changes are being rolled out to the front end and there are more in the works that are just being tested before being applied to all coin pages. Please remember that solo mining isn't fully implemented yet and is still being rolled out to the front end for each coin along with backend changes that will mean brief downtime for coin whilst applied. In these instances we don't think a coin stratum server should be offline for any longer than 1-2 minutes per coin. Once solo mining is ready we will let you know. If you attempt to solo mine before it goes live you may lose your shares and might not find a block or if found get paid out. For the meantime please use PROP mining which is enabled by default with anything as the password. Thanks!
09-07-20 - Pool Changes

Hi everyone, okay so the start of the year or I should say almost half of it has been absolutely crazy and this held us up in a few ways. Anyway we have been working super hard the past week to start getting what we promised to you. So here are some changes for you: We are in the process of rolling out solo mining at long last (the front end is done to incorporate this so just need to work through each coin to make changes to our backend systems) once Solo mining is ready we will announce, for the meantime it will just be PROP mine until we activate. There is now a new Solo hashrate column on the home page, Payment tile at the top now reflects PROP & SOLO systems, going forward mining support and all contact will be solely through Discord, trimmed the decimal places of total paid column on the home page, removed old un-needed/unused code from front end (more trimming to follow), solo mining instructions have been added to the top of the Getting Started page ready for activation, ASICBoost/Rolling version had some bugs which we have now resolved so anyone that had issues connecting with ASICboost please try again and let us know if you have any issues, each coin pool page worker section now shows all connected workers and not just the main miner account along with showing which mode each miner is in PROP or SOLO for example, the workers page has been updated to add the following: Solo Average and Current Hashrates/Solo Luck Days and a notifier if in SOLO mode on the worker section of the workers page. We will have more improvements for mobile users to follow along with table/information display viewability coming in the next few days. Again once we have got the backend all squarred away for SOLO mining will we make an annoucement on our News page on the pool as well as our Discord channel. Again and as always thanks for sticking with us, your support makes this site possible!!! Thanks!
08-07-20 - Dogecoin

The Dogecoin chain is currently resyncing due to the crash earlier, once it has fully synced mining will automatically resume. Thanks!
08-07-20 - Outage

Apologies for the brief outage today (lasted around 16 minutes) this was due to some system unstabilty which we have since resolved. All services are now back up and running. Thanks!
07-07-20 - Mobile and site tweaks

We are currently in the process of tweaking our front end for mobile/tablet users. Hopefully this will help with display issues across devices. Thanks!
17-06-20 - GameCredits update

We have just updated our GameCredits daemon once the blockchain is fully synced mining will auto commence. It appears a lot of pools and exchanges are out of sync from the main chain at the moment so it might take a little bit longer than normal to make sure we are on the right chain. Thanks!
10-06-20 - Peercoin Update

Peercoin hardforked so we have just updated to the latest daemon version, once the wallet is back in sync mining will auto commence. Thanks!
04-06-20 - Cannabiscoin payments

Hey all Cannabiscoin miners, our wallet was stuck with negative balance after the fork the other day so we have just manually corrected this and have realeasd all overdue payments. Sorry about this and looks like all is now working again (mining and payments). Any issues or concerns please let us know. Thanks!
01-06-20 - DASH removed

We have decided to remove DASH from our pool as we kept on getting too many issues with it and only found one block during the whole time it has been running. We will be keeping all shares safe should be decide to bring it back in the future. Thanks
01-06-20 - Cannabiscoin Forked

We are currently resyncing our CannabisCoin wallet due to it going off the main chain, once back online mining and payouts will resume. Unfortunately any invalid blocks found won't be paid out as there will be no reward to send from. Thanks for your understanding!
19-05-20 - Ringcoin update

Calling all CPU miners, we have just found our first block and made our first payment of Ringcoin. We have also just added links to a temporary explorer you can use to check blocks and transactions. Jump on in and get mining! :)
17-05-20 - Short downtime

We are just applying some performance and security tweaks, pool services restoring now. Sorry for the brief downtime. Thanks!
15-05-20 - Stats update changes

All stats on the site now update every 60 seconds. We have also implemented some short term caching of data and made other changes to hopefully improve site performance/reliability and security for all miners. Thanks!
15-05-20 - Server farm maintenance COMPLETED

We are all finished, good news no stratums/coin daemons or website access was affected. Thanks!
15-05-20 - Server farm maintenance

We are carrying out some upgrades and updates across the board today so you may see some interuption to services. Downtime will be kept to a minimum where possible. Thanks!
14-05-20 - Ringcoin update

We had some issues with our Ringcoin pool not registering shares due to a dependency problem, all is now working and is ready to mine on. Thanks!
14-05-20 - Deutsche eMark daemon rebuild

We are currently rebuilding the latest emark daemon due to old version errors, pool will be back up and running asap. Thanks!
13-05-20 - Ring Coin - Live

Ringcoin is now live and ready to mine, market information and block explorer links to follow. Thanks
13-05-20 - Ring Coin - Minotaur

Happy to announce we are looking into adding Ring Coin to our pool, from the creators of LitecoinCash comes a CPU/Hive minable coin. Watch this space. Thanks!
13-05-20 - Cannabiscoin payments

Sorry for the delay in processing the cannabiscoin payments and thanks to a special miner for the heads up. Essentially our payment system didnt fire back up properly after the stratum and wallet booted up, we have now resolved and paid out anything overdue earlier on. Any issues please let us know. Thanks!
12-05-20 - Rate Limiting API Active

Due to increased demand on our API we have had to start rate limiting as it was causing performance issues on our front end. We have tried to ensure that everyone can still access it fairly however excessive requests will be delayed and any over requesters could find themselves with 503 errors unless they reduce the amount of calls to our API from their IP address/applicaiton servers to no more than 10 requests max a minute, ideally where possible if you could kindly only request no more than 3 calls a minute it would be most appreciated. If anyone has any issues at all please get in touch so we can discuss and potentially help work around to allow your platforms to continue working. Hopefully this will improve performance across the site for all miners and API users. Thanks!
12-05-20 - Cannabiscoin Maintanence

Our Cannabiscoin wallet is just undergoing emergency maintenance be right back, sorry for the disruption. Just waiting for the daemon to finish loading and then mining will recommence. Thanks!
12-05-20 - Bitcoin updated

Our Bitcoin daemon has been updated to the latest version 0.19.1
24-04-20 - Scheduled Maintenance

There will be intermittent connectivity to the coinminerz.com pool website and stratums for 15 minutes starting: Wednesday, 29th April 2020, at 05:30 am UTC+2 This is in relation to internet connection works, all servers and services will remain online so downtime should be minimum. Thanks!
06-04-20 - Outage & Update

Hi everyone, first of all we would like to say we hope you and your nearest and dearest are safe and well during this global tough time, we will all pull through this together! As you may have noticed our pool and site was offline for around 14 hours from yesterday until this morning. One of our providers infrastructures failed due to emergency coronavirus onboarding which meant part of our system needed for front end operations went offline. All services have now been restored and we are currently resyncing DASH & LitecoinPlus, once they are both back online mining will commence right away. Unfortunately as we didn't get enough interest in Equihash pools we decided to remove them as it was costing more to host then we make in return. You may have noticed but support requests are taking a little longer to get through due to shortages and home working with children :) rest assured we will be responding as soon as we can and will be keeping an eye on the pool to make sure all is okay. Due to everything going on at the moment our development has come to a slowdown until we get back to normal. As always any issues please let us know and we will be happy to help.
21-01-20 - What's coming this year

Okay so we have had loads of requests for Solo mining the past year or so and we are happy to let you know we currently have a development build we are working on that will replace the existing stratums for each coin pool so users can either pool mine as you do now or use a command in the password field of your mining hardware/software to allow you to solo mine on any of our pools. So if you find a block whilst your solo mining it's yours minus the 1% pool fee. Normal PROP pool mining will continue to work as it does now so the block can be found by anyone and is shared based on proportion of shares. Once we have finished and tested our build we will let you all know and make the necessary back and frontend changes along with instructions. Thanks and keep the suggestions coming in we love all feedback we get negative or positive as it helps us improve our services to you!
10-01-20 - Dogecoin is live

The Dogecoin pool is now live and ready to mine. Thanks!
09-01-20 - Dogecoin

We have just added Dogecoin to our pool, it is currently syncing with the network. Once complete the stratum servers will autostart to allow mining. Thanks!
02-01-20 - Good wishes to all!

We hope everyone had a great festive break and want to wish everyone a happy new year! Have a great start to 2020 no matter where you are! Cheers as always for sticking with us :)
08-12-19 - AXE & EUNO Live

Euno (EUNO) - X11 & Axe (AXE) - X11 are now fully synced, the stratums are online and ready to mine. Thanks!
05-12-19 - New coins coming

We are in the process of adding Euno (EUNO) - X11 & Axe (AXE) - X11 - Algo to be decided to our pool. Once they are ready to mine we will let you know. Thanks!
03-12-19 - Konami

That is all :) Enjoy!
02-12-19 - Ho ho ho

Since the season is upon us we have decorated our site to get in the spirit. We have added some falling snow, santa hauling crypto currency around the world to everyone and he even talks when you hover over him, a santa hat to our logo and a santa mouse cursor. Have a great holiday season and hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!
29-11-19 - Optimizations

Hi all, we have just optimized our loading times for all our pages and applied stronger security and better performance across our systems. Along with this we have also improved the luck accuracy/prediction for any Equihash pool block times. Thanks!
29-11-19 - Front end update

Hi everyone, you may have noticed but we have now fully moved over to SSL for our front end dashboard site. Anyone visiting our pool under HTTP will be auto redirected to HTTPS. This helps keep things even more secure and should give a better experience across browsers. We had some teething isses with our graphs not loading but have just got this resolved. Any issues please let us know. Thanks!
19-11-19 - GAME Payment Update

Hi everyone, our payment processor snarled up which delayed all payments for GAME, we have just fixed and payments will go out every hour. Any overdue payments have gone out just now. Thanks and sorry for the delay!
18-11-19 - Digibyte SHA256 Update

Hi everyone, the Digibyte SHA256 wallet seemed to have gotten stuck so we have just refreshed it and the pool is now back online. Thanks!
18-11-19 - BitcoinAtom Restored

Hi everyone, the BitcoinAtom network appears to be moving again. The block explorer is still offline however we just managed to send the stuck payment and can see our wallet is syncing and the block height is growing. It should now be okay to return to mining and payouts will go out as per normal. Thanks!
13-11-19 - BitcoinAtom Network Issues

Hi everyone, the BitcoinAtom network seems to be experiencing issues. We noticed block explorers and some other pools have had issues submitting blocks and everyones wallet's getting stuck syncing. We are currently trying to reindex our chain to see if it helps get it working again for us as the whole network seems at a standstill at the moment. We got in touch with the BCA team and they said they are currently changing and upgrading services but it shouldnt effect anyone although I have heard exchanges are also having trouble as they too as us rely on the core wallets. Mine at your own risk, once you start seeing the block number count go up for total blocks on the network along with block explorers for BCA coming back online it should be safe to start mining. Thanks!
04-11-19 - ASIC Boost Info

This status can appear on any of our SHA256 coin pools where ASIC Boost is enabled: "Wallet Status: Warning: Unknown block versions being mined! It's possible unknown rules are in effect" this just means the wallet is seeing ASIC Boost blocks being submitted and in the chain as this hasn't been coded into the wallet/daemon code by the coin developers. This won't affect mining or payouts. Thanks!
04-11-19 - Auroracoin status

We have this error on the Auroracoin wallet/page from time to time: "Wallet Status: EXCEPTION: St12out_of_range CInv::GetCommand() : type=5 unknown type auroracoin in ProcessMessages()" but it doesnt affect mining or payouts, just thought you should know. Thanks!
04-11-19 - Last Block Time

We have just replaced the epoch starting time for pools where a block hasn't been found yet to "No blocks have been found yet" Thanks!
03-11-19 - Wallet Address Generator

If you need to generate an address/private key for any of pools we host to use for mining you now can using our new Wallet Address Generator found on our tools menu. Thanks!
31-10-19 - Local date and time

We have formatted all dates and times into your local standard for stats, blocks and everything date and time related. This should make it easier to read stats in your time zone without time calculations :) Thanks!
31-10-19 - Sol hashrates

We have just finished putting in place the correct Sol hashrates for our Equihash pools for global and worker rates. Thanks!
31-10-19 - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from CoinMinerz! We hope you have a great time. Don't let those bat's get in your way of mining :)
28-10-19 - Coin Market Stats

We have just changed from CoinMarketCap to CoinLore for our coin market information. Thanks!
28-10-19 - Hanacoin

Hi Everyone, we have just finshed syncing and have added Hanacoin to our pool. Thanks!
24-10-19 - BitcoinAtom Update 2

Hi Everyone, BitcoinAtom is now live for mining as the wallet has just finished syncing with the network. ASIC Boost is also enabled on this pool and all other SHA256 coin pools. Thanks!
23-10-19 - BitcoinAtom Update

Hi Everyone, we have added BitcoinAtom to our front end, once the daemon is fully in sync stratum mining will commence immediately. Thanks!
23-10-19 - Peercoin Payment Update

Hi Everyone, the delayed Peercoin payment has now gone out. Thanks and sorry for the delay!
23-10-19 - Peercoin Payment Delay

Hi Everyone, when we setup our new pool we setup a fresh wallet for PPC and the payment hasnt gone out 10mins ago due to insufficient funds, we have just credited the wallet with the funds needed and the payment will go out on the next hour 5PM GMT. Thanks!
23-10-19 - Bitcoin Atom

We are in the process of adding Bitcoin Atom to our pool, the wallet may take some time to sync but once ready we will test and then add to our front end for you to begin mining. Thanks!
22-10-19 - Tools & Links

We have added some more useful pages and tools to our Tools & Links dropdown menu. They cover coin profitability comparison sites, monitoring and mining software, market and mining rental services. Hope they help. Thanks!
22-10-19 - Pending Block Confirmations

We have added block confirmation's "out of" on each coin page for example "20 / 120 pending confirmations". This way you can see the total amount of confirmations needed until auto payout is ready each hour on the hour. Thanks!
21-10-19 - Need to track your miner on our pool?

If you have an Android device or an emulator CheckPool has recently added us to their miner tracking application. You can see it in the google store: HERE Thanks!
20-10-19 - Mobile View

We have altered the table layouts across the site to help give better mobile/tablet viewing of our pool pages. Thanks!
20-10-19 - Einsteinium Live

Einsteinium is now live and ready to mine. Thanks!
19-10-19 - Adding Einsteinium (Scrypt)

We are also in the process of adding Einsteinum (Scrypt). It will be ready to mine once fully synced and all relevant info and pages will be added soon. Thanks!
18-10-19 - BitcoinCash ready

The BitcoinCash pool is now online and ready to mine. Thanks!
17-10-19 - Payments system seperation

Hi all, as part of our continued improvement of service we have just seperated all stratum services from our payment systems for each coin. This means each are now independant of one another and means even less downtime for maintenance or bug fixing etc. Thanks!
17-10-19 - BitcoinCash is coming

Hi Everyone, you may have noticed BitcoinCash has appeared back on the pool and is currently syncing, once complete the stratums will auto start so you can begin mining. As with our Bitcoin pool we have restored all shares for BitcoinCash as well. Thanks and happy mining!
17-10-19 - Orphan block counters

We have added orphan block counters on each coin page. Thanks!
16-10-19 - Bitcoin is back

Hi Everyone, the latest Bitcoin wallet is now up and running so you can resume Bitcoin mining as all shares have been restored. We are also in the process of getting BitcoinCash back up and running as well, once it is ready we will let you know. Thanks!
11-10-19 - Switched over

Hi Everyone, we have sucessfully moved over to our new secure hosted server systems. Any issues at all please let us know via Discord or Mining Support Email. Thanks!
09-10-19 - Big Infrastructure Change

We are in the process of setting up and moving over to brand new secure hosted servers. This should mitigate down time from internet & power outages and will also give ample grow room and better performance as well as enhanced DOS security for all stratums. All coin/miner shares, data and payouts will continue as normal and the front end will remain the same with more developments to come in the future. You can continue to mine with no issues and all work will be moved over. There will be no change in DNS addresses so please ensure you are using stratum.coinminerz.com for your mining address and not an IP as the old service will be terminated once we have fully moved over. We will be using pure SSD Intel enterprise grade servers all with 1GB internet connections that come with unlimited bandwidth and a lot of RAM. Any concerns please get in touch via Discord or our mining support email. Thanks!
27-09-19 - Luck Stats Update

We have updated all of the different coins block creation timings into our algorithm to help provide a slightly more accurate guess at finding the next block based on pools hashpower versus global hashrates and average block time. Thanks!
23-09-19 - Pool Overhaul

Hey Everyone, you may have noticed but we made some changes to the look of our site. We hope these changes will make it easier for you to see vital information and keep things simpler as well. Changes we have introduced are as follows: Coinminerz.com logo change, moving hashrates/workers and block stats to home page view, we have removed workers/payments and market pages and created new pages for each coin that can be accessed via the Coin Pools drop down menu in the header bar, the new coin pages have connection/wallet/pool/workers/market/payment & pending and confirmed block sections along with some additional stats + refresh status bars added to each section that auto updates. The Blocks page is now the Block Finders page to see who is finding blocks on all the coin pools we host. The payment table has now got Miners addresses/workers shares and worker payments so everyone can see how much work and who got paid what for each block. More changes to follow Thanks!
22-09-19 - Litecoin Cash update

We have updated to version
05-09-19 - Last Share Time

We have added "Last Share Time" to the workers page so you can see when your miner last sent us a share. Thanks!
05-09-19 - Bitcoin and BitcoinCash pools removed

We have decided to remove the Bitcoin & BitcoinCash pools for a while due to no blocks being found due to limited hashpower, we will aim to bring them back in the future. All mining shares will be safe and stored so when we do bring them back no mining work will be lost. Thanks!
03-09-19 - Block per payment changes

Hi Everyone, you may have already noticed but we have increased the maximum blocks per payout from 3 to 200 to help get through any large amounts of blocks found so expect to see larger payments as opposed to smaller coming in from mining. Thanks!
02-09-19 - Auto Payout Changes

Hi Everyone, we have just made changes to our payout settings for all of our pools. Essentially auto payments will now go out every hour instead of every 2 minutes and the minimum confirmed payout total has been set to 0.1 from 0.01 This will greatly help miners that have high volume payouts as well as ourselves. The issue we have had is that too many transactions can slow down the wallet for both us and miners receiving high frequency payouts. Meaning both ourselves and some of our miners are having to setup fresh wallets every 2-3 months. This also means less coin spent on transaction costs due to fewer transactions through the day so more coin for all. So now there are 24 payment runs a day compared to 720. Hopefully this will help us all. Thanks!
01-09-19 - Block issues resolved

Hi Everyone, whilst we have been away it looks like a couple of the pools have had some issues showing blocks found and then disappearing on the front end and not even showing in the wallet or blocks page (showing as an orphan but with no orphan or confirmed blocks seen) We have just fixed this and now blocks are being found and paid out. Pools that we saw with this issue that are now resolved are Mincoin, Auroracoin, LitecoinCash, Digibyte, Flo and Gamecoin. We can confirm all pools are now fixed and any blocks found will show up, get confirmed and then paid. Issue seems to be related to a 3rd party update to a dependency our stratum was using. Very sorry about this and hope we can get all you miners back that had issues. Thanks!
16-08-19 - Support Team Break

Hi all, just to make you aware we will be taking a break for the next couple of weeks. All support requests will be responded to once the team return. The pool will continue to run whilst we enjoy a well deserved break. We will return on Monday September 2nd. Thanks!
15-08-19 - Peercoin back online

Hi Everyone, Peercoin is now back online and running well, it is now safe to proceed with mining. Thanks!
14-08-19 - Peercoin mainnet issues

Hi Everyone, since updating to the latest Peercoin wallet our stratum keeps thinking it is in testnet mode and not mainnet, we are working to resolve this issue. The wallet shows it is on the mainnet yet the stats info we are getting back via RPC is from the testnet. Please avoid mining Peercoin for the meantime. Thanks!
13-08-19 - Bitcoin Cash is back Online

We have managed to get the wallet talking to the stratum and front end servers. Mining is now re-enabled. Thanks!
13-08-19 - Bitcoin Cash Offline

We are currently working to upgrade Bitcoin Cash to the latest version, at present we are having issues getting our stratum to start with the new wallet. We will continue to fix and once it is ready we will bring it back online. Thanks!
13-08-19 - Pool Maintenance Complete

We were offline for just under 30-40mins earlier this morning to carry out some essential security updates. All services have now been restored. Thanks for your patience!
03-08-19 - BitconnectX now POS only

BitconnectX can no longer be mined and is now only POS. Thanks to everyone that helped mine the coin! We will now be removing from our pool. Thanks!
29-07-19 - BitconnectX Manual Payments Made

29-07-19 - BitconnectX Stats & Payments Fixed

We believe we have now got the stats and payments to work correctly with the fresh wallet. We have set confirmations for payouts to 101 (1 above the 100 the BitconnectX network needs for a block to be valid) and limited payments to 1 block at a time, this should mean faster, more regular single block payments. We will be processing manual payments shortly for unpaid blocks from the old wallet. Thanks!
28-07-19 - Fresh BitconnectX Wallet

We have created a fresh wallet for BitconnectX due to issues with accounting and pending blocks paid not changing status. We will issue manual payments in the next 24-48 hours for any blocks found not paid out using the old mining wallet. Thanks!
19-07-19 - Resetting BitconnectX

We have just reset the BCCX pool so the stats are correct for blocks mined, confirmed and paid going forward. Within the next 24-48 hours we will make any manual payments for coins not confirmed and not paid prior to the clear. All coins are safe and previous payments have been made. Again anyone has any concerns please get in touch and we will be happy to help. For transparency here is our wallet address you can check using a block explorer: XK3Vmx2sSdUV1o7MKqzYJRzdBUoSjaQf9Q Thanks!
19-07-19 - BitconnectX Payment History

Hi Everyone, we had an issue where the payments for BitconnectX were only showing the first 2 payments, the others have gone out and you can see them in your wallet. We have just fixed this issue so further payments from now will list and we have manually updated the total paid. If anyone has any concerns we can send screenshots for payments for blocks found and sent. We have manually removed blocks found where payments went out but were not listed in the payments section to avoid confusion. Thanks!
19-07-19 - Added BitconnectX

Happy to annouce we have just added BitconnectX to our pool, start mining now to take advantage of the last 14 days of POW before it turns to staking only. Thanks!
19-07-19 - Getting Started Update

We have simplified the Getting Started page.
18-07-19 - LitecoinCash back online

The LitecoinCash wallet has fully synced and the pool is now back online. Thanks!
18-07-19 - LitecoinCash Resyncing

The LitecoinCash wallet is currently resyncing and the LCC pool will auto restart mining once it has completed. Thanks!
16-07-19 - ASICBoost / Rolling version enabled

We have enabled ASICBoost on the following pools: BitcoinCash & Bitcoin
16-07-19 - ASICBoost / Rolling version support

We are currently working on adding full ASICBoost/Rolling Version support to all of our coin stratums. Once ASICBoost has been enabled we will let you know here. Thanks!
13-07-19 - Wallet Updates

We have updated BitcoinCash to version and Bitcoin to version 0.18.0
13-07-19 - Removed Joulecoin & Zetacoin

We have removed Joulecoin & Zetacoin from our pool today due to super low value and lack of interest in the coins.
12-07-19 - Auroracoin

We have updated Auroracoin to the latest github release.
08-07-19 - Adding coins to the pool

Hi Everyone, we are happy to consider adding your coin or a coin you are interested in mining to our pool as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • Send hashpower towards it yourself or by the community to help test and find initial blocks (and further mining if possible)
  • Advertise our pool on your official site / bitcointalk thread & any other social feeds you use
  • Coin is listed or about to be listed on CoinMarketCap
  • BTC Value is over 0.00000100 per coin
  • You notify us immediately of any wallet updates / forks or issues
  • Should we add your coin you have requested and no mining power has been sent, no blocks have been found and there has been no linking or advertising we will remove from our platform. We want to help the cryptocurrency community, coin developers and miners but it has to be worthwhile as it costs us more to host and maintain the pool than we make in return. Thanks for your understanding!
    05-07-19 - Wallet Updates

    We have just upgraded Dash to version Peercoin to version 0.7.3. GameCredits to version 0.15.4. Litecoin to verison 0.17.1. LitecoinPlus
    18-06-19 - We are not 803Mine

    A lot of people seem to think that CoinMinerz is 803Mine, this isn't the case. CoinMinerz existed long before 803 Mine, we rebranded to 803 Mine to provide a pool for them. We were asked to cut pool services in November and to this date we havent been asked to bring anything back online. At this point we decided to launch our original CoinMinerz.com pool with a GUI revamp in November 2018. To be clear CoinMinerz hasn't ever been paid in Fiat or Crypto by 803Mine and has never had access to any investment funds or had any physical company assets in it's ownership. All we have ever done is receive 1% for each block found before as CoinMinerz, during 803Mine branding and now as CoinMinerz again. If you have any 803Mine concerns please raise with them directly as we are a seperate pool which is maintained by us only. Thanks and happy mining!
    18-06-19 - Update

    Hi there we have been receiving emails from people that we cannot respond to as the sending address is invalid, if you would like responses from us please send from a valid (non-hidden, fake, spoofed or encrypted) email address so we can reply or get in touch via our Discord channel and we will be happy to help. Thanks!
    29-05-19 - Service Update

    We have completed our maintenance and all services are now back online. Thanks!
    05-05-19 - Service Update

    We had a bad power outage late last night which has now been resolved. We have also updated BitcoinCash and it is currently re-syncing. All other pools and services should be now be back to normal. Thanks!
    05-05-19 - Digibyte Wallet Update

    We have just updated our Digibyte wallets to version 7.17.2 Please also update your wallet's when you get a moment. Thanks!
    18-04-19 - Looking for NodeJS/Redis expert

    We are currently looking for someone to help that has NodeJS/Redis experience. We would like to help improve our pool further and enable more stats on our Miner Stats pages when clicking or seaching for a worker address. The stats we would like to provide would be payments/amounts & dates, blocks found by miner whether orphaned or confirmed. We already have this data in redis but looking for help to build an array to retrieve and get it to display correctly. If you would like to help or know someone that could please get in touch via [email protected] As always if you can think of any other improvements you would like to see please get in touch and let us know. Thanks!
    18-04-19 - Fixed glitch on payments page

    We have applied a fix today on our Payments page that loaded the LTC block explorer instead of the correct ones for LCP and LCC. Now when you click on a block or transaction for any Litecoin, LitecoinCash or LitecoinPlus it will take you to the correct block explorer. Thanks!
    18-04-19 - RNG Coin removed

    We have removed RNG Coin as it doesn't appear it is going to go live again and a lot of doubts have been raised by the community.
    11-04-19 - LitecoinCash Upgrade

    We have just updated our LitecoinCash wallet to version
    09-04-19 - Updates

    We have added wallet version, protocol version and version from each wallet to our Pool Stats API. The date/time appearence has been changed on the home/blocks and payments pages.
    02-04-19 - Important RNG Coin status

    We have been made aware this morning that the RNG coin team is currently putting work on hold for a month (they have closed their website/pool and we have reports that nodes are going offline), please mine with caution. We will keep the coin pool active for another 20-30 days to see if they come back online. Here is the official notice: "Dear community members! We want to inform you that our team decided to stop coin development for at least 1 month! This is due to unstable cryptomarket situation and BTC negative trend we have been forced to take this hard decision but we hope we will renew our activity shortly!"
    30-03-19 - Update

    The LitecoinPlus pool is now online and connection details have been added to the Getting Started page. The GameCredits pool is also now live and ready to mine. Thanks!
    29-03-19 - Update

    Once the LitecoinPlus wallet has fully synced we will bring online and add the connection details to our Getting Started page. Dash wallet has been upgraded to Peercoin wallet has been upgraded to 0.7.2 Thanks!
    28-03-19 - Update

    We have just added LitecoinPlus once it has finished syncing we will add the connection info to the Getting Started page. Thanks!
    27-03-19 - Update

    We have added BitcoinCash, improved website color scheme for graphs, added example miner configuration to getting started page, improved fixed layout for workers and payments page, made worker stats page in line with new theme and altered layout, added invalid round shares to workers page and worker stats page, added RPC calls for block updates alongside P2P for resiliency, reformatted layout for block finders on blocks page and added website footer. We will be looking to complete adding more coins to our pool soon. Any requests or issues please let us know. Thanks!
    09-03-19 - Digibyte Wallet Upgrade

    We have just upgraded both our SHA256 and Scrypt Digibyte wallets to the latest version: 6.17.2 please upgrade your wallets to help the Digibyte team. Thanks!
    09-03-19 - Website Design

    We have just released our new Dash (home) page today. We will be working through our other pages over the coming days. Hope you enjoy!
    04-03-19 - Updates

    Backend wallets and pools have been overhauled with code improvements to increase chances of finding blocks as well as general performance/feature improvements. The hashrate graph at the bottom of the Dashboard page now refreshes every 30 seconds. The Pending Blocks graph on the blocks page now refreshes every 30 seconds. The Workers Connected graph at the top of the Workers page now refreshes every 30 seconds in line with all other stats. Polling for blocks disabled via RPC for all coins and now using P2P to increase RPC workloads for block solutions to wallet daemons. Updated address checking functions for new coin daemons. Fixed a DGB SHA256 payout jam. Fixed Peer magic issues for certain coins. Created new wallets for coins with large amounts of transactions to speed up daemon performance. Added TX message support for some coins to improve functionality with pool modules. Added Service Status section to the home page to give important updates and pool health etc. Coin daemons all running at latest official versions. Increased RPC work queue's and RPC threads for all coin daemons. Added Asic Boost mining.configure & mining.multi_version handling. Made coin/network stats collection backwards compatible for different coin daemons. Fixed intermittent Cloudflare host unreachable issues. Sped up page loading times. Removed external date and time code and now using cookie free native javascript code to perform date and time function in the header. All wallets and pools are now back online!
    26-02-19 - Updates

    We have made the luck stats even more accurate, reduced last payments to 20 per coin on payments page to make it easier to scroll through and quicker to load, optimized back end operations for better performance, added odd rules to tables on home/workers and payments pages to make them easier to read and have added pool hashrate versus global hashrate percentage stats to the dashboard.
    21-02-19 - Cobrabytes Removed

    We have just removed CobraBytes from our pool as all POW blocks have now been mined so this coin is now purely POS. All blocks found have been paid out yesterday. Thanks to all that helped us mine it. Any other suggestions for replacement coins please let us know. Thanks!
    12-02-19 - Litecoin Mining

    We have added Litecoin mining to our pool. Enjoy!
    12-02-19 - Important CashCoin Notice

    At CoinMinerz.com we have tried very hard to try and keep the Cashcoin pool stable and running. Unfortunately due to old/bad wallet code, forks, POS/POW issues and this single coin taking up most of our time trying to get it running after crashes etc we have taken the decision to remove the CashCoin pool from CoinMinerz.com From checking the logs all valid blocks have been paid out. We won't be bringing this coin back unless the wallet is rebuilt up to modern crypto coin wallet standards. Thanks to everyone that helped us mine CashCoin and we hope we can keep you on our site. We are currently reviewing other Scrypt coins so if you have any suggestions please get in touch. Thanks!
    11-02-19 - Bitcoin Mining & update

    We have just added Bitcoin to our pool and have also added a progress bar for stats refreshes to our worker stats pages. We will be launching Acoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, LitecoinPlus, PetroDollar & Veles in the coming days. Stay tuned :)
    11-02-19 - Wallet & stats updates

    We have just updated our Peercoin and Digibyte Wallets to the latest releases. We have also corrected the Litecoincash blocks total along with digibyte algorithm network difficulties. Cashcoin is being tweaked day by day to ensure invalid blocks are removed and payments released. Thanks!
    06-02-19 - LiteCoinCash Wallet Update

    We have just updated our LiteCoinCash wallet to the latest version, please can all LCC miners update to the latest build here: litecoincash- Thanks!
    02-02-19 - CoinMinerz.com back online

    Sorry for the outage today we were under attack from 5am until the past 30mins (4 hours), we have managed to block the attackers IP's and will be hardening our services further in the coming days. All services have now resumed other than Cashcoin just waiting on the wallet to finish loading and nothing has been stolen or lost. The attackers seemed to be targeting Gulden and GCNCoin and as there hasnt been much interest in these pools we decided to remove them, to confirm any blocks found have been paid for these 2x coins. Thanks!
    30-01-19 - Cashcoin pending blocks fix

    Hi all, happy to let you know that we have finally fixed the CashCoin duplicate/invalid POW issue that turns out to be POS even though staking is off and it shows as a POW block, however when checking using a block explorer it shows the hash as POS. From what we can tell it seems to be an issue with the CashCoin wallet itself relating to POS/POW blocks. So on our pool CashCoin blocks that would stick as pending until we manually removed the invalid block hashes will now auto kick to prevent valid blocks being processed and paid. The change involves simply checking block confirmations via the wallet and if it doesnt go above 1 confirmation after so many minutes it will auto remove the invalid block allowing the valid block at the same height to pay out once fully confirmed. Looking at the blocks page I can see it is working with no manual intervention. Hope this helps and happy mining! :)
    30-01-19 - Cashcoin back online

    Good Morning, happy to say that the CashCoin wallet is now back online and ready to mine. Thanks!
    28-01-19 - Completed Maintenance

    Good evening all, the pool is now resuming service. Thanks for your patience, we managed to complete all needed works in just over an hour. Any issues please let us know and we will be happy to help.
    28-01-19 - Maintenance this evening

    Good evening all, as part of our continued improvement of the pool we will be putting some of our coin pools into maintenance mode whilst we apply improvements to our systems. We expect the work to take up to 2 hours, during this time the pool site will be available to use however expect mining stratums to be unavailable on and off during this time. We will be doing our best to minimize any disruption to mining and will resume all services asap once work is complete. Any questions please get in touch on Discord or via our support email. Again we don't expect it to be too long but just want to give you a heads up. These works will pave the way to add more coins to our pool and offer an even better service. Thanks for your understanding and mining with CoinMinerz.com!!!
    27-01-19 - CashCoin Resync and Update

    The CashCoin Pool is doing a full resync after failed attempts to load, import bootstrap.dat etc. Also had a small downtime this morning but all is now running fine. More updates to follow soon. Thanks!
    16-01-19 - CashCoin Update

    The CashCoin pool is now ready to mine and payout thanks!
    15-01-19 - CashCoin Update

    The CashCoin wallet is still syncing. Please compare the block height on our dashboard with the block height on the official CashCoin block chain explorer to know once its live to mine.
    15-01-19 - Litecoin Cash Update

    Hi Everyone, please can you all make sure you have updated your wallets to the latest version found here: https://litecoinca.sh/#corewallets. Due to a mistake on our part when we have been moving over to different infrastructures we accidentally restored the old LCC wallet and stratum code which is preventing a very cool and important security update to the whole LCC network. As we have around 50% of the network hashrate on our pool this isn't helping this move be accepted on the network. We are about to revert to the proper code and wallet we had implemented previously. Can everyone please help the LCC team make this a reality as it will bring lots of added benefits to mining and the security and stability of the network. To check the Hive progress please look here: https://hivecheck.info/ Thanks and roll on Hive!!!!
    13-01-19 - Flo payments

    Since we last hosted Flo coin we noticed blocks had been found but were not paying out. We have enabled TX message support on the wallet and now payments are releasing. The Flo coin pool is ready to mine and payout. Thanks!
    13-01-19 - Cashcoin Fork

    It appears our CashCoin wallet has forked we are currently resyncing the wallet. Mining will automatically resume once it is complete.
    11-01-19 - RNG Payments

    RNG Coin payments are now releasing. Sorry for the delayed payments, we had an accounting issue with our wallet.
    10-01-19 - Updates

    RNG Global Stats hashrate has been fixed (it was reading 90x too high).
    10-01-19 - RNGCoin Changes

    We had another transaction too large message appear with outgoing payments for RNGCoin so we have created a new wallet and all mining has resumed along with payments. Manual payments have gone out for the 20+ blocks mined. Transaction comment marked as "Manual Payment from CoinMinerz.com" Payments now go out every 61 seconds and minimum payout balance has been increased to 70RNG from 0.01RNG to try and avoid further transaction error messages. Thanks to Nordline for the heads up! And any issues please let us know. Thanks!
    04-01-19 - Google translate

    We have added the google translator function to the top of our site on each page for multilingual support for our international miners.
    02-01-19 - RNGCoin Payments

    Our RNG payments stalled earlier this morning due to large transaction messages from the wallet. We have manually sent out manual payments and have created a fresh wallet which is now mining and paying out. Thanks!
    01-01-19 - Plans for 2019

    We are currently looking into adding other algorithms to our pool to support more coins and will also be adding Litecoin, Bitcoin and BitcoinCash pools. Continual website development and more to come, any requests please let us know. Thanks!
    01-01-19 - Happy New Year!

    Happy new year to you all! Thanks for sticking with us and we look forward to developing our services more this year. Hope you all have a great start to 2019!!!
    29-12-18 - Updates

    We have added stats progress update bars to the top of the dashboard on the home page as well as each coin pool on the workers and payments pages.
    28-12-18 - Updates

    Hope everyone is enjoying themselves and having fun this holiday! Date and Time Formats updated site wide, added new icons to home page, formatted current round shares on homepage stats, added tooltips to dashboard stats. Got more improvements to come on the front end and working on last payment stats too. Enjoy!
    27-12-18 - Updates 2

    We have added the last block found time to the dashboard for each coin pool, times are updating please be patient for new blocks to change from default 1970's value :)
    27-12-18 - Updates

    We have formatted the difficulty on the home and workers page for each pool to make it easier to read.
    27-12-18 - Database issues

    Sorry for the outage this morning we had some DB issues. We have just resolved and all services are now back to normal. Thanks!
    24-12-18 - Pool Update

    Okay we are going to keep an eye on the pool but taking some much deserved rest for the break. Happy mining and hope you all have a great holiday and a happy new year!
    24-12-18 - RNGCoin Payments

    Okay so we weren't expecting payment issues with RNGCoin to extent where nothing would send out. So to get on top of things we have tallied all shares and the total wallet balance and worked out totals and sent out around 230K's worth of backlogged RGN Coins in manual payments. We have created a new wallet and all mining is now using this and the pool is working again with payments going out. To confirm no work or coins were lost and everything has been accounted for. We have marked these payments as "Manual Payment from CoinMinerz.com" on the TX comments, you can lookup these transactions on a RGNCoin block explorer using our old wallet's address: RAFv7YEadWCtpNVrfpiKwF2nr1Tnf3ooNh Thanks!
    24-12-18 - Max blocks per payment

    We have just lowered the max blocks per payouts for all pools back to 3 from 6 as we were hitting transaction too large errors from the wallets. This will unjam RNGCoin payments, all other coins seem to be okay but have lowered to be safe. Again in the new year we will move to a new infrastructure to avoid mini downtimes and make a the mining experience much better for everyone. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
    24-12-18 - Updates

    We have made the date and time format shorter on the blocks and payments pages. The Auroracoin & both Digibyte global stats have been fixed and Cobrabytes & RNGCoin will update faster and display properly in our next update. Block payments increase from 3 to 6 shortly to help get payments out quicker.
    21-12-18 - High Difficulty Port Changes

    Hey miners, just to let you know we have just updated all of our 35XX ports for all coins to match the miniumum required NiceHash difficulties for SHA256/Scrypt & X11 algorithms so you should be able to rent mining power and mine on our 35XX ports now. Remember these high end 35XX ports are only for NiceHash or MiningRigRentals or another high power hash provider. Normal mining equipment should use the 33XX ports that automatically adjust to give you the best results. As we are a PROP pool its all about the shares and not the difficulty that affects your payout. Thanks and hope this helps!
    20-12-18 - More Updates Part 2

    As mentioned we take on board everyone's feedback and from that we have just added more stats (Block Height/Difficulty/Round Shares/Wallet Connections & Luck) to the home page with the overall hashrate graph now at the bottom. We removed the Pool Stats page. Workers graph now at top of Workers page and also added Pool Hashrate/Global Hashrate & Block Height. Block chart now at top of Blocks page. And the API has been moved under the Tools dropdown menu. We have also added a clock to reflect your local date and time. More improvements to follow. Thanks for sticking with us and if you know of any other miners tell them about our pool and if you like our pool please advertise us as the more power we get the more blocks we find the better more regular rewards we will receive together!
    20-12-18 - More Updates

    We have made most of the information on the front page linkable so it will take you to the relevant page and section by clicking on stats. Also due to some performance issues for some users as well as getting in the way of important data we have removed the christmas tree, snow and santa with his sleigh. After all it's coming up to the holiday's and Santa and the snow can't stick about on CoinMinerz.com all season :) Hopefully this helps give you all a better site experience.
    20-12-18 - Updates

    Hi Everyone, we are really sorry for the service interuptions this morning. We had some gremlins in the system and had to do some troubleshooting to make sure we give a reliable service to all of our miners. Also Hello to all our new miners! Special thanks to Sergei for helping identify an issue on our pool and helping us test and resolve! We have an active plan to move to a better infrastructure in the new year to provide better uptime and all round performance. If you have a problem mining with us please let us know whether big or small and we will be greatful to recieve any feedback bad or good as we want to continually improve our service for everyone. Thanks for your understanding and we hope you are all ready to enjoy a well deserved end of the year break!
    19-12-18 - RNG Coin is live to mine!

    We have just launched RNG Coin on our pool and is now ready to mine. Happy mining!
    19-12-18 - Updates

    Over the past week we have been deploying security updates to our systems and pool code as well as improvements under the hood for a better experience. Pending and Confirmed totals now show on Blocks page per pool.
    17-12-18 - Curecoin Fork to POS

    Hi Curecoin miners, we are sorry to announce that we will be closing our Curecoin pool once the last blocks mined have been paid out. This is due to Curecoin moving their wallet to purely POS and removing POW. We want to thank you for your time mining on our pool and hope you will stay to mine our other coins. As we will be removing Curecoin we will be taking into consideration adding a new coin so any ideas please get in touch via discord or email and we will review. Thanks!
    14-12-18 - Gulden Live

    Gulden is now live and ready to mine. Thanks!
    14-12-18 - Updates

    Auroracoin and Cobrabytes are currently having global hashrates entered daily until automatic. Gulden Scrypt Coin coming soon just syncing blockchain and will announce when live. Added a coin price ticker to the markets page.
    12-12-18 - Global Hashrate Stat Fixes

    Some more good news, we have managed to implement a script to pull the global hashrate data from different API's for CashCoin and Digibyte. So that just leaves us with Auroracoin & Cobrabytes. Once we have some progress on the remaining stats we will let you know. Thanks!
    12-12-18 - GCNCoin Live

    GCN Coin has now been fully added to our pool and is ready to mine on thanks!
    12-12-18 - GCNCoin

    We will be adding GCN Coin to our pool, all of the front end adjustments have been made. Just waiting for the wallet to finish syncing and then we will make the stratum live to connect to. Thanks!
    11-12-18 - Luck update

    We have just modified our Luck algorithm for better guestimation accuracy to reflect yours or the pools hashrate against the global hashrates and the block times for each coin.
    11-12-18 - What is luck?

    The new luck stats are in place as a trial, they essentially look at the global hashrate versus the pool or miner hashrate/block time and difficulty and make a guess as to how long it will take to find a block. These are purely guestimation stats and should not be used as accurate estimation of finding a block. In some stats it will show Infinity in most cases this is due to the global stats not being available. For example it may say over a few days to a month dependant on pool hashrates versus global to find a block yet we find 10 in a day no problem. This algorithm will be tweaked as best it can be as we move forward, what we don't want to do is confuse our miners. We are currently working on code changes to pull the global stats we are missing into our database so we can display in our stats sections where they are missing and in turn this will fix the Luck stats. Thanks!
    11-12-18 - Frontend Updates

    The Pie charts and Block squares have been altered on the Blocks page to the show full wallet address and worker names properly. We are in the process of adding luck stats to the pool stats and miner stats pages. Cashcoin payments caught up last night and we seem to be the only pool running on the latest chain, the official block explorer and other services have not yet caught up so take advantage now to make some easy CashCoins. The graphs on the stats page have been set to auto width to fit your screen better. The Blocks page is now mobile friendly. FAQ's have been updated. Added Miners counter on Workers page for each pool. Changed some favicons for design unity across the pool. Ensured all stats are using confirmed totals and not general totals for blocks found on each pool. Altered top navigation for dropdowns to make way for new pool pages under development. Also added Errors section to each pools API, the idea is to give feedback from wallet on potential issues. (At present the only Wallet with an error message is Cashcoin but this is due to the wallet code not being updated with the latest checkpoints so can be safely ignored as is working fine for mining and payments etc). Added permanent social feeds to top of News page.
    10-12-18 - Fixed pending / confirmed stats glitch

    We noticed that as blocks appeared in the pending total once mined they also appeared in the confirmed total, we have now altered our code and only pending blocks will show in pending stats and confirmed in confirmed stats minus the pending added to the total. To confirm this is purely a stats issue and hasn't affected payments or balances etc, all of those systems have been working fine. As blocks are confirmed the confirmed stats will increase and pending decrease in accordance with how many blocks have been mined and confirmed etc. Along with our new regularly updating stats this should help make it easier to see what is happening on our pool.
    10-12-18 - Max Blocks Payout / Coinbase Maturity & Cashcoin Update

    We have increased the maximum number of blocks per payment to 3 from 1 to help pay out more blocks every 2 minutes for each coin. Changes have been made to each coin pool to match the official coinbase maturity confirmation amount. Cashcoin is now back online and finding lots of blocks and is playing catchup with payments, invalid blocks since the fork have been removed and the new 3 block per payment should help get these out quicker.
    09-12-18 - Pool Mining Fee Reduced & Cashcoin Issues

    We have now lowered all mining pool fee's down to 1%. The Cashcoin wallet is currently rebuilding after a fork issue, the stats and forked blocks will be dealt with once the wallet is back online in the next couple of hours..
    09-12-18 - Pool Mining Fee Reduced, Immature Balances & Blocks page updates

    We will be lowering all mining pool fee's down to 1% later today. This new reduced fee will stand in place until further notice. We are also in the process of setting up Immature balances when clicking on your worker address on the workers page, this will show along side the pending and paid balances. We are also working on improving the blocks page and then will aim to make it mobile friendly too.
    07-12-18 - Pool Stats Update

    More good news, we have now put in place fixes for all pool network stats that are available through our coin daemons. The only stats we cannot get to show at present are Global Hashrates for: Auroracoin, Cashcoin, Cobrabytes & Digibyte. All other stats are now showing and updating every minute. We will continue to monitor and when able to add them we will asap.
    07-12-18 - Connectivity interruptions

    Sorry for the drop out's today we had an issue with one of our network adapters, this has just been resovled and all services are back to normal.
    06-12-18 - Clickable Block Heights

    We have added links on the blocks page so when you click a block height number it should take you directly to a block explorer to view the block hash info.
    05-12-18 - Blocks page has landed!

    Happy to announce our brand new Blocks page is now live and showing data for the last 20 blocks found for each coin as well as who found them. This will show you which blocks are pending, how many confirmations and if it has been confirmed and paid. By default our pool is set to 120 confirmations, however if a coin daemon says it's confirmed it will pay it sooner say for example after 25 confirmations. We still have some additional features and changes to make to this page. Watch this space and enjoy!
    05-12-18 - Copy buttons added

    We have added some easy to use Copy buttons for each of our stratum addresses for ease of use on the Getting Started page, hope they come in handy when configuring your mining equipment or software.
    05-12-18 - Worker names now enabled

    Today we bring you more great news! Worker names are now enabled and work hand in hand with the new workers page when clicking your mining address. To start using simply add a dot directly after your wallet address and then directly after the dot your worker name. For example Ez9W6kynbv4FqftQY537bHEXGCDs8vppdC.worker1 We hope this helps and will be bringing more features as soon as we can. Thanks again and as always to all of our miners for your support and feedback we really appreciate it and wouldn't exist without you!!
    04-12-18 - Zetacoin pool online

    Zetacoin is now live and ready to mine.
    04-12-18 - Zetacoin

    Zetacoin will be added to the pool soon, we are currently syncing the wallet and will begin prepping the front end and will of course let you know once it is ready to mine. Thanks!
    04-12-18 - Long term goals

    We are in the early stages of trying to get a Blocks page so you can see pending/confirmed blocks along with hashes. We are also looking into showing the block finders for each pool. With the new workers stats page now in place one of our next goals is to get worker name extensions so you can give each of your miners an ID extension from the same wallet address, this will help give you visibility of your hardware and hashrates so you don't need to strain using the API and will also involve a payment system overhaul to accomodate the worker ID's etc. We are also working on trying to make sure all of the coin stats show correctly on the Pool Stats page, this is mainly caused by some wallets not sharing the same RPC commands.
    04-12-18 - Updates

    As we removed the festive music player you can now click the christmas tree for a tune. Coin logo's now spin around when hovered over. The Markets page is now easier to view each coin stats BTC value and all images spin just for the fun of it, don't forget to hover over santa :) Twitter is now live. Come join us on Discord! We need more miners online, get anyone you know mining on our pool and we will all find more blocks together and get more frequent payouts. Any coins that support TX comments now have our CoinMinerz name signing found blocks and transactions so when using certain block explorers you will see our pool show up.
    04-12-18 - Friendly worker stats

    Good news we all know looking at API stats can be a bit of a headache so we have introduced worker stats graphs and balances, you can access yours by going to the worker's page and clicking your address or by using our mining stats search bar top right of the site header. So this means whether using the workers page links or search bar you will always go to the new page. The API is still available and you can access your stats via the API by going to: http://coinminerz.com/api/worker_stats?taddr Simply replace "taddr" with your mining wallet address. Thanks and enjoy!
    03-12-18 - Downtime

    Sorry for the downtime our ISP had an intermittent issue with connectivity for 3-5 mins this morning, all services have been restored and nothing has been lost. Thanks!
    30-11-18 - Say hello to our live stats

    Great news all of our stats on the Home, Pool Stats, Workers & Payment pages now automatically updates every 10-20 seconds to give you the latest figures, so no need to manually refresh those pages to see what's happening anymore :)
    30-11-18 - Christmas tree, noisy Santa & Music

    We have made some code changes to the site to stop the christmas tree appearing on mobile devices & small resolution devices blocking text and other items on the website. We removed the music player to make space for the Discord & Twitter links in the header. The pool site is best viewed on a desktop or laptop screen however we are making continual improvements for a better experience for mobile/tablet and low res device users. Also Santa now has something to say when you hover over him.
    29-11-18 - Twitter going live

    Twitter thinks we are 13 year olds as we set our birthday to early this month when creating the account to coincide with the re-launch of our pool, just waiting for verification and we are live :) Twitter
    29-11-18 - Mincoin Upgrade

    Happy to announce we are now running the latest version 13 release of Mincoin and are finding blocks and making payouts.
    29-11-18 - Discord now live

    We have just launched our own discord server if anyone has any questions, needs mining support or just wants to talk crypto then get involved :) Discord
    28-11-18 - Where did 803 Mine Pool Go?

    Hi Everyone, we have received some emails recently from people asking where has 803 Mine Pool gone (if you are a CoinMinerz.com miner you can ignore this post). Simply put the 803 Mine Pool has been closed down temporarily (all data has been backed up such as shares, balances.. etc) and traffic from the pool has been re-directed here to give miners a place to mine until the 803 Mine Pool is back online. This is related to an 803 newsletter article that explains one of their main facilities had damage carried out and there is an ongoing legal/insurance situation so this can all be recovered and the pool restored back to normal operation along with other services. To contact 803 Mine please use [email protected] as [email protected] is solely for CoinMinerz.com mining support. This pool is independant of 803 Mine and uses the domain CoinMinerz.com for operation. So for 803 Mine Pool miners this is just a stand in replacement not run or maintained by 803 Mine but a seperate pool. The CoinMinerz.com pool will continue to run independently regardless of the outcome of the 803 Mine Pool. We are trying to add more coins to our pool so if you have any suggestions for SHA256, Scrypt or X11 coins please let us know. Thanks!
    27-11-18 - Snow ho ho

    We have applied some falling snow, a santa cursor, xmas tree with lights and of course santa himself complete with sledge and reindeer to the site design for the festive period :) Enjoy!
    26-11-18 - Flo is online

    The new Flo pool is now live and ready to mine.
    23-11-18 - Cashcoin & Joulecoin Online / Flo coming soon

    The Cashcoin & Joulecoin pools are now online and ready to mine. Flo is currently syncing and we will be prepping the frontend with the details ready for go live.
    22-11-18 - Mobile, Tablet & Small Res Improvements

    The whole site has had more improvements for better viewability across devices and now has touch/scrolling support.
    22-11-18 - CashCoin & Joulecoin

    We will be launching our Cashcoin and Joulecoin pools today. The front end has been prepared and once live mining will commence immediately using the details on the getting started page.
    22-11-18 - Payments going out but not showing

    We had an issue since yesterday with some coins where payments were going out but not showing on the payments page. We have checked all wallets and owed amounts have gone out. We have also fixed this issue by changing code and all future payments will go out as normal and be listed on the payments page. Any issues or questions please let us know and we will be happy to help!
    21-11-18 - Improvements

    Cobrabytes block explorer links updated on the Getting Started and Payments pages for Block and Transaction tracking. Mobile or small resolution visitors now have a working menu. Each page has been made more user friendly to view and further improvements to come.
    20-11-18 - Worker Address Search

    The worker address lookup search form is now working and looks tidier. We are also going to be making the site more friendly to view across platforms and devices and have other improvements coming.
    14-11-18 - CoinMinerz.com is back!

    CoinMinerz.com has returned and is ready to help the crypto community mine the crap out of blockchains. Please note the frontend is under construction, however stats, mining and payouts are fully functional. We are also in the process of adding additional coins to the site. Thanks!