Multi Crypto Mining Pool

This script runs client-side (in your browser). For maximum security download the script and run it locally and offline in a modern web browser. This will help reduce the potential for someone to steal your private key/s, coins and addresses.

The mining key generation script is designed to allow you to create a unique private key for use with this script, this private key will then allow you to access a new legacy wallet address for each of the coins we host on our pool system which you can then mine with. It will also give you the private key associated to each coins legacy address so you can then import each into other wallet systems that accept a private key. We do not backup or have copies of generated or submitted private keys so please keep yours safe as if you lose it just like with any other wallet you will lose your coins if it hasn't been imported to another wallet you have a copy of or access to.

You use this script at your own risk, we won't hold any responsibility for it's use or loss of coins/private keys. It is your responsibility to make sure you understand what this script is and what it does and that you take adequate steps to protect your private keys. We also highly recommend that you test importing the private key and verifying your legacy address matches your wallet. In some cases you may need to put your wallet into legacy address mode to see the legacy address format. Also you can only import private keys, for added security please don't try to import any private keys as it won't work and it risks your private key being intercepted locally on your machine if it's vulnerable. Your private key is the key to your coins, keep it safe! :) You have been warned! Any questions please let us know via Discord or our mining support email and we will be happy to help! Mining key generation / Input options form:

Create a new private key
- or-
Import an existing private key
- or-
Input private key hex
Private key must be 64 hexadecimal characters
DO NOT LOSE THIS PRIVATE KEY. Any coins mined using this public key can only be controlled with this private key.
Private key:
Key for mining (hashed public key):

An address for any type of coin we have a pool for can be derived from this mining key - and each of those coin addresses can only be controlled by this private key.

Backup your private key
Step 1)
Step 2)
Coin formatted keys
Public address
Private key in wallet import format
How to import your private key for :
  1. Open your wallet app
  2. Go to Help -> click Debug window -> click Console tab
  3. Enter the following command: importprivkey