Digibyte-scrypt DGB scrypt Mining Pool
 Pool Details
   Digibyte-scrypt Pool (DGB) - SCRYPT
Pool Fee: 1%
 Payments every 30m 0s for minimum confirmed balances of 0.01+ DGB when Blocks have been mined and fully Confirmed by the network

ASIC Miners
Cloud Hashing (MRR/Nicehash etc)

 Market Information

 Digibyte-scrypt SCRYPT Pool Donation Address

 Payment System Stats
 Historical Total Paid: 201520.58741599 DGB

 Time Since Last Block Checker\Payment System Run: 0d 0h 16m 37s
 Pool Stats
  The Digibyte-scrypt Pool is Online

3 Miners  |  3 Workers

 22.03 MH PROP Hashrate

 0 H SOLO Hashrate

 4.62 TH Global Hashrate

 PROP Percentage of Global Hashrate: 0.00048 %

 SOLO Percentage of Global Hashrate: 0.00000 %

1.46B Current Round Shares

 Block Stats
Thu, 10 Jun 2021 14:57:59 GMT Last Block Time

348 Confirmed Blocks

0 Pending Blocks

0 Orphaned Blocks

 13149057 Block/Round Height

 80.72K Network Difficulty

Block Reward: 514.2 DGB

Current Block Effort: 18091.1187%

182d 2h 53m 30s estimated to find next block with PROP

0s estimated to find next block with SOLO

 Wallet Stats
 Version: 7170200

 Wallet Version: /DigiByte:7.17.2/

 Protocol Version: 70017

 8 Wallet Connections

 Wallet Status: Connected

 How to mine DGB SCRYPT

1) Get started by downloading the official DGB wallet from here:   and let it fully sync whilst you complete the next steps

2) Copy your receiving address from the wallet you downloaded (or create a new one if none are displayed)

3) Paste the receiving address into your mining hardware/software/rental username field

4) Create a unique worker name for each of your miners and add to the end of your receiving address in the username field seperated by a "." for example:

D9k8sQMpoDHcHXZc4Lev6nx1fVy1qx4aAG.OfficeMiner1x1 (Please ensure the workername does not contain any special characters, only a to Z and 0 to 9 are allowed).

5) Copy and paste your desired stratum address and port to the stratum field (Either EU/US for Normal ASIC or Hash Rental):

DGB SCRYPT EU (Normal ASIC) - stratum.coinminerz.com:3357

DGB SCRYPT EU (Hash Rental) - stratum.coinminerz.com:3557

DGB SCRYPT US (Normal ASIC) - us-stratum.coinminerz.com:3357

DGB SCRYPT US (Hash Rental) - us-stratum.coinminerz.com:3557

If you are GPU or CPU Mining please use the following format with your software (remember to change the stratum to US if required):

-a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://stratum.coinminerz.com:3357 -u ReplaceWithYourDGBAddress.ReplaceWithYourWorkerName1x1 -p x

6) In your password field use: x for PROP mining or m=solo for SOLO mining

(Optional) You can add these commands to the password field to set custom difficulties using d=DIFFICULTYYOUWANTOMINE for example: d=128 and you can set a Custom Payout threshold above our standard using: mp=CUSTOMPAYOUTAMOUNT for eg: mp=50

(Important) If using multiple commands in the password field ensure they are comma seperated for eg: d=128,mp=50,m=solo or mp=50,m=solo or d=128,solo if using any custom commands in PROP mode you don't need to put x in just the custom commands you require.

7) Start mining and track your workers by searching for your wallet address on the home page or clicking on your miner in the Connected Workers section :) Good luck!

Once a block is found and fully confirmed if it was by PROP mode all miners shares are added up and the block reward plus block transaction fee rewards are divided to create balances based on the shares submitted for the round the block was found. If blocks are found in SOLO mode they will be paid out once fully confirmed during our payment system run's. Any miners confirmed balances over the 0.01DGB threshold will be automatically paid out within 30 minutes for both PROP and SOLO mining. Please check out our FAQs and Terms of Service pages. Any questions, problems or support needed please get in touch via our Discord Server Thanks!

Address Stratum System Version  PROP Est PROP Reward Efficiency Hashrate
DD8Jij9YBKq6y8EY3J7JamWuazZciZ7jpo PROP bfgminer/5.4.2-38-g106390a99 3.5283% 18.14251860 DGB 100% 9.60 MH
DLahMA5TatpZXsgrTPoz9mAEn2kHVvLJFa.aaron1 PROP cgminer/4.8.0 1.0915% 5.61249300 DGB 100% 1.41 MH
SebVeUAYUdJHzsVe4TXMTDN4WseVr6AEPP PROP cgminer/4.3.5-scrypt.2 10.3553% 53.24695260 DGB 100% 11.02 MH

 Block Info  Date & Time  Miners Address/es  Worker
 Total Amount
Block/s: 13097233
Transaction ID
Thu, 10 Jun 2021 15:44:45 GMT DBhNVcTCZ6YUhada1rguCoCNHcwZgeywxe,DR1WtVPWt2X3HMSp5XN3ayPSf5a8AdGsGc,dgb1qgpgwmu4575myckj25cnkpfrvwna5yd2vw9xc23,SebVeUAYUdJHzsVe4TXMTDN4WseVr6AEPP,DLahMA5TatpZXsgrTPoz9mAEn2kHVvLJFa,D7mi6rC8U3ZPKJ6ia3mw35TcWnGmuuUbcG 3284379.22381422,17342503.02181116,12288,23399815.82690745,2016509.17729354,1065224598.881324 1111280094 1.5045443,7.94444327,0.01351958,10.7192433,0.92374455,487.969723 509.075218 DGB
Block/s: 13090595
Transaction ID
Wed, 09 Jun 2021 12:14:45 GMT DBhNVcTCZ6YUhada1rguCoCNHcwZgeywxe,DR1WtVPWt2X3HMSp5XN3ayPSf5a8AdGsGc,SeoaCeUhE5x4mmkQaL9TpZhcj3uSQECcsw,DLahMA5TatpZXsgrTPoz9mAEn2kHVvLJFa,D7mi6rC8U3ZPKJ6ia3mw35TcWnGmuuUbcG,SebVeUAYUdJHzsVe4TXMTDN4WseVr6AEPP,DKorKw1iLfQvE3VR4GgjY4Pqdn3sDeAvso,DA8zq5uZPA5FpgWkyA7B32tRvTTruv6WsL,dgb1qzkr23agxw0s0su6vwm0mq3vne9yt94ywkyja43,DADTNcJpA5JC536Qz6arAVLr5paqRUcrdr,SiiU8fHr7DgV3kzxn4VWT1thquuuGfV2Ao,dgb1q23jlvjh6ud0lqgc7wnqpp2ms6yawekmqxv4cne 3334048.6477734,30849623.84254974,18432,272053665.6306669,4089241.85153762,2297395560.574693,43935390.16918979,473063019.66535634,112669886.52133255,32803200.20140224,10970649.51494971,28667751.43026075,419904656.4971948 3729755127 0.45511131,4.21058664,37.13191246,0.55813021,313.56567338,5.99662959,64.56716764,15.37802607,4.4772253,1.49735603,3.91278843,57.31171794 509.062325 DGB
Block/s: 13077348
Transaction ID
Mon, 07 Jun 2021 05:14:45 GMT DR1WtVPWt2X3HMSp5XN3ayPSf5a8AdGsGc,DLahMA5TatpZXsgrTPoz9mAEn2kHVvLJFa,SebVeUAYUdJHzsVe4TXMTDN4WseVr6AEPP,DADTNcJpA5JC536Qz6arAVLr5paqRUcrdr,DD8Jij9YBKq6y8EY3J7JamWuazZciZ7jpo,SeoaCeUhE5x4mmkQaL9TpZhcj3uSQECcsw,DA8zq5uZPA5FpgWkyA7B32tRvTTruv6WsL,D7mi6rC8U3ZPKJ6ia3mw35TcWnGmuuUbcG,DT4jFTL7hEEoAdFWMcDePbPnCQvfFS4AMt 2048,26158.06686398,3913794.06451615,24576,8033602.89557644,21149376.54896136,1271686063.6348252,31119001.64763414,14090411055.070187,1002381786.1600868,2347739319.4434133,2061.01840084,705536 18777194379 0.10610609,0.21779741,0.57337654,34.47642815,0.84366106,382.00233401,27.1753734,63.64909412,0.01912764 509.06329842 DGB
Block/s: 13051384
Transaction ID
Wed, 02 Jun 2021 17:14:45 GMT SdCuZ4C6haPkLB3smpZ9XjW9KMhUJEdrWv,DBhNVcTCZ6YUhada1rguCoCNHcwZgeywxe,SebVeUAYUdJHzsVe4TXMTDN4WseVr6AEPP,SUR6kvqkS3fiw7BAz2XwGAiUw11bHkGijR,DADTNcJpA5JC536Qz6arAVLr5paqRUcrdr,DLahMA5TatpZXsgrTPoz9mAEn2kHVvLJFa,D6FbF1fMHxD6TyLexwVWUnnD9em3RA6jQc,DD8Jij9YBKq6y8EY3J7JamWuazZciZ7jpo,DT4jFTL7hEEoAdFWMcDePbPnCQvfFS4AMt,DMemmG1aXCxRbR4ifuRQDdVCF49dC6m9Ks,DJwAd9WKnVtBEfQNXg31mTkq3GogAkFLnD 5064204.48594224,18959690.57628617,38912,31894.174296010002,62190639.29438337,1074000537.8326745,3129748419.749042,17419194.76358072,1024,75118061.53342348,54632354.07396105,84248460.88310051,4891603.98711447,17332725.12238404,387999859.96015584 4931677582 0.5227447,1.95708481,6.41953294,110.86205116,323.06345967,1.79806954,7.75394619,5.63934059,8.69641758,0.50492828,40.05068788 507.26826334 DGB
Block/s: 12994723
Transaction ID
Sun, 23 May 2021 21:41:25 GMT SdCuZ4C6haPkLB3smpZ9XjW9KMhUJEdrWv,DBhNVcTCZ6YUhada1rguCoCNHcwZgeywxe,DLahMA5TatpZXsgrTPoz9mAEn2kHVvLJFa,SUVnxhdtRmjqg5LLNKLsqERn5FVLRkyVhu,dgb1qscntw4v88pnwl7ugh5vyqdtlfa0wgjzk4l3yer,SebVeUAYUdJHzsVe4TXMTDN4WseVr6AEPP,DADTNcJpA5JC536Qz6arAVLr5paqRUcrdr,SUR6kvqkS3fiw7BAz2XwGAiUw11bHkGijR,DD8Jij9YBKq6y8EY3J7JamWuazZciZ7jpo,DT3U4SmBXH6aovjT7ufNA61GqyYxGsLgoe 5704551.66942148,4173391.51975541,31067.76963849,8538567.660585301,3376891.91705502,1779145228.033058,37438180.22742793,46080,1053870452.5294244,13664915045.536865,854577.22268862,3989887.3267017 16562083921 0.17533943,0.12827651,0.26244789,0.10379471,54.68515845,1.15072833,32.39256232,420.01520322,0.02626693,0.1226362 509.06241399 DGB

 Block Info  Block Finder  Block Found  System  Status

 Block Info  Block Finder  Block Found  System  Status
Block/s: 13097233
Hash  | Transaction ID
D7mi6rC8U3ZPKJ6ia3mw35TcWnGmuuUbcG.L3x1 Thu, 10 Jun 2021 14:57:59 GMT PROP Confirmed
Block/s: 13090595
Hash  | Transaction ID
D7mi6rC8U3ZPKJ6ia3mw35TcWnGmuuUbcG.L3x1 Wed, 09 Jun 2021 11:28:36 GMT PROP Confirmed
Block/s: 13077348
Hash  | Transaction ID
SeoaCeUhE5x4mmkQaL9TpZhcj3uSQECcsw Mon, 07 Jun 2021 04:30:16 GMT PROP Confirmed
Block/s: 13051384
Hash  | Transaction ID
DADTNcJpA5JC536Qz6ar...Lr5paqRUcrdr.worker1 Wed, 02 Jun 2021 16:39:21 GMT PROP Confirmed
Block/s: 12994723
Hash  | Transaction ID
SUR6kvqkS3fiw7BAz2XwGAiUw11bHkGijR Sun, 23 May 2021 21:15:30 GMT PROP Confirmed
Block/s: 12967087
Hash  | Transaction ID
dgb1qscntw4v88pnwl7u...vyqdtlfa0wgjzk4l3yer Wed, 19 May 2021 02:20:35 GMT PROP Confirmed