Dash Pool (DASH) - X11

Payments go out every hour for minimum confirmed balances of 0.1+ for all coins

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0 Miners  |  0 Workers

 0.00 KH Pool Hashrate  |   6.29 PH Global Hashrate

 Pool Percentage of Global Hashrate: 0.00000 %

 1278560 Block/Round Height

122944751.27472699 Current Round Shares

 Total Paid: 1.59495244 DASH

0 Orphaned Blocks  |  0 Pending Blocks  |  1 Blocks Confirmed

 Thu, 22 Nov 2018 16:43:06 GMT Last Block Time

Market Information

Infinity Days estimated to find next block

 179.87M Network Difficulty

 Version: 150000  |   Wallet Version: 61000

 Protocol Version: 70216

 13 Wallet Connections

 Wallet Status:  Wallet is online with no issues reported

Connected Dash Workers
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Dash Payments
Block/s Date & Time TXID Miners Address/es Worker Shares Total Shares Worker Payments Total Amount
975099 Thu, 22 Nov 2018 16:43:06 GMT Lookup XcsfbZB5t78MqLQEhuaRXxT2bSkTgUPbKz,XxNcN6XS7yx1a4PKz2JTrzzXLLnBZ4LdBg,Xx4ueunkYTt93QdJoBKd2HWBev1hp5PngQ 515525.67086255003,1913540.6265110201,1522137.13357826,8523.16949202,4868.07198246,4096.33842845,3318.80613015,3627.18731815,256 3975893 0.20809835,0.77242449,0.6144296 1.59495244 DASH
Dash Pending Blocks
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Dash Confirmed Blocks
 Block Height  Block Hash  Transaction ID (TXID)  Block Finder  Block Found  Status
975099 000000000000002a1de5530afab509389cdb874478d8c1694898ca1cf7cfc79c 77f120b038dc2baa5664e5f694f085e38eb24413af49820f66ced6c9720a63ec XxNcN6XS7yx1a4PKz2JTrzzXLLnBZ4LdBg Thu, 22 Nov 2018 12:33:07 GMT CONFIRMED = PAID